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high man on the totem pole

Fig. the person at the top of the hierarchy; the person in charge of an organization. I don't want to talk to a vice president. I demand to talk to the high man on the totem pole. Who's in charge around here? Who's high man on the totem pole?
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low man on the totem pole

Fig. the least important or lowest-ranking person of a group. I was the last to find out because I'm low man on the totem pole. I can't be of any help. I'm low man on the totem pole.
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low on the totem pole

least important He's the low man on the totem pole here. AIDS deaths are low on the totem pole compared with cancer and heart disease.
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of totem pole (a wooden pole with images of people and animals cut or painted on it)
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the low man on the totem pole

someone who has the least important position in an organization He started as the low man on the totem pole and worked his way up to be manager.
See lay low, lie low
See also: low, man, on, pole, totem

low man on the totem pole

Low in rank, least important person, as in I just joined the board so I'm low man on the totem pole. This slangy expression is thought to have been invented by the American comedian Fred Allen about 1940 and caught on despite its lack of application to a genuine totem pole.
See also: low, man, on, pole, totem
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Councillor Rachel Lancaster and one of the digital totems outside the Cathedral
There are sections that feature famous artworks, quotes, and totems painted in the style of the masters.
It is likely totem poles would not figure on your list.
Totem Pole is often used as a single category to describe all carved columns made by the Northwest Coast People, but there are several types of totem poles as well as interior and exterior house posts.
The totem shape was the 'corporate image' adopted by British Railways shortly after nationalisation in 1948, Tony said.
The blessing of the totem pole will be but one of the contributions that American Indians will make at the vigil, which will follow a 6 p.
As I expected, the individual forms within the totems demonstrated artistry.
But some are trenchant commentaries on much larger issues, like Renwick's photo of the Totem Road street sign, which has a logging truck in the background.
adi," the new totem park at the corner of Front and St.
An estimated 200 cowbell-ringing fans enthusiastically watched Eugene (36-9) take a 3-2 lead minutes into the second period before allowing the Totems (39-6) to score six unanswered.
Both Animal Totems and Fiddle Tunes for the Birds would receive nominations for, "Best Instrumental" from the Native American Music Awards in 2002.
Of course, there is other evidence of carved totems in other cultures and places.
Several have even had their totems tattooed onto their body.
Totems served a variety of cultural functions including relating family histories, memorializing the deceased, displaying wealth and status, shaming criminals or debtors, and welcoming visitors.
Published and developed by Reaxion, Incadia is a classic block-building puzzle game featuring a richly detailed Aztec world where players build totems and combos out of colorful, carved Aztec-designed stones to clear fields and win bonus points.