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slang A table that can accommodate four people, as in a restaurant. Put that party at the four-topper here, and I'll have one of the busboys clean that booth.


n. a restaurant table that will seat four people. (Restaurant jargon.) Please seat these two couples at the four-topper in the corner.


n. a restaurant table that will seat two people. (Restaurant jargon.) There are two-toppers on each side of the kitchen door.
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Should the college student want softer cushioning that they can sink into that also offers comfort and support, there is the Featherbed Twin XL Mattress Topper.
Less than two inches thick, the airweave bedding toppers are also used in the diamond suites at the Hotel Hermitage in Monaco, Four Seasons in Tokyo, and Andaz 5th Avenue and select floors of The Kitano, both luxury hotels in New York City.
What makes Toppers, founded in 1991 and based in Whitewater, Wis.
Faye, who went to Nunthorpe Comprehensive School, said: "Cake toppers are a small part of the wedding day.
The university, which was earlier known as Delhi College of Engineering, has decided to give direct admission to one state or central board topper in each of its undergraduate programmes from next session.
Isaac only began learning to sail four years ago at Scammonden and has since made it into the International Topper Class Association (GBR) National Youth Squad.
Derwentside Reservoir's Helen Armstrong put in a challenge for honours in her topper, while South Shields' Connor Graham and Gary Powell also performed well.
The 8+1 4-ounce product features "kid-grip" plastic bottles along with one re-useable top-rack dishwasher safe character topper.
Toppers To-Go disposable all-in-one meal kits, for example, combine all the essentials for feeding a baby away from home into one convenient, easy-to-carry product.
Toddlers face fewer bangs and bruises from edges and corners of tables, thanks to the New Jersey based company Little Tumblers Table Toppers.
We have two toppers and they quickly became popular spots for our 35 layers and two roosters to hang out-year round.
We zeroed in on interracial wedding-cake toppers right away," says Puebla, for several reasons, the first being the dearth of competition.
The trick in transforming the toppers from something with a novel history among the Lerner circle of friends and family into a serious business lies in getting the public to buy in.
Each serving of Cereal Toppers supplies one to four grams of fiber, depending on the fruit.
Packed in handy, resealable 14-ounce bags, Almond Toppers stay crunchy and tasty from one application to the next.