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A euphemistic spelling of "hell." "Oh yeah?" said Tommy to the schoolyard bully. "Well, you can go to H-E-double-toothpicks!"

close enough to use the same toothpick

Rur. very close. (Used to describe close friends.) We've been friends since we were five years old. We're close enough to use the same toothpick.
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n. hell. (A jocular euphemism. It is not usually written and can be spelled a number of different ways.) Oh, H-E-double-toothpicks! I did it wrong again!
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Starting at bottom of cone, push a toothpick into the foam.
When I was in elementary school, I made a log cabin out of toothpicks for a school assignment.
Allow eggs to dry on toothpicks that are inserted into a Styrofoam block.
The study was aimed to show the correlation between the use of toothpicks and an attempt to alleviate sore gums in a Neanderthal maxilla recovered from the archaeological site of Cova Forada.
All the while, that is, desperately trying not to choke on what appears to be a wooden toothpick embedded in my cheek.
Each time a toothpick carved away a different part of the paper's surface and revealed new colors, the joy in the room was palpable.
The rig often employs a long worm or plastic lizard and a 4/0 to 6/0 wide throat flippin' hook, with a 1/2- to 5/8-ounce sinker that is pegged with a toothpick to prevent it from sliding up the line and wrapping around dense stalks.
Dubai The world's tallest building u the Burj Khalifa u has been sculpted from a toothpick.
You'll need: Aluminum foil Toothpicks Large tortillas wraps Thinly sliced meat or cheese Whole lettuce leaves Condiments of your choice Method: Lay the tortilla flat on foil Put a light layer of your condiments on the tortilla Lay the lettuce leaf down, then meat and then cheese Roll up the wrap and secure with a toothpick Cut in half for smaller child-size wraps Frozen pudding: Get a yoghurt of your choice, chopped soft fruit and your favourite cereal or muesli.
Befitting and recapitulating its symbolic priority, Toothpicks was given pride of place alongside the related Untitled (Pins), 2004, and Untitled (Glass), 2004, in this, Donovan's first museum survey.
What You Need: 1 large baking potato Steamed veggies: 2 stalks of broccoli 2 peas 1 baby carrot 2 green beans Low-fat sour cream Toothpicks [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] 1.
One Honeydew or Galia melon Half a packet of lime or orange Jelly Some Jelly Babies Some toothpicks 1 strawberry astro belt Method
YOU WILL NEED: 1 apple half for each yummy chum 1 carrot Raisins Thin celery strips Cheddar cheese Toothpicks DIRECTIONS: 1.
Toothpick method: Stick three or four toothpicks into thickest part of seed to hold it, pointed side up, in a glass of water.
To serve, decoratively arrange shrimp on a platter and pass with toothpicks alongside, or skewer them on cocktail forks and present the forks on a plate or platter.