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she gave me a big cuddle ALAN KING ON HIS REUNION WITH TOOS "I called out Halt
Otherwise, assume that any natural body of water is too dangerous for swimming.
Even in the best-case condition of single-UAV autopilot tracking (when the navigation task did not need to be monitored), the visual demands imposed by system failure monitoring dropped the detection rate of TOOs in the 3-D image window to 92%.
sajandi teise kumnendi ilmastikukatastroofide kasitlemisel tullakse tagasi toos juba varem kirjeldatud naljahadade ja ikalduste juurde, rohutades nende seost sademete ebahariliku rohkuse ning uleujutustega.
ABCs OF SWIMMING: It's never too early to teach toddlers how to swim.
For example, he compared the "terrible twos" with the "terrible teen 'toos,'"--the latter is a description of teenagers feeling they are "too tall, too short, too smart, too dumb, too fat, too skinny .
Le premier volume comprend trois parties: 1) les questions chronologiques concernant chaque roi de la dynastie; 2) le fonctionnement do systeme des noms d'annee avec toos les problemes afferant notamment les documents de promulgation; 3) les listes de noms d'annees pour les rois de cette dynastie.
Otherwise, athletes may suffer from what Laskowski calls the "terrible toos.
Palabra, nunca he sabio de alguien que ocupe un cargo que no sea pa' servidos a nosotros las veinticuatro horas del dia, pucha, si toos tan de acuerdo, si estan en lo mismo, ?
The aim of the retailers will be to eliminate second, third and fourth brands as well as "Me toos.
Kennedy candidly pointed out, the real problem with district statehood is the four "toos:" "The District of Columbia and its residents are too urban, too liberal, too Democratic and too Black.
Tenders are invited for Quotaion For Supply And Installation Of Citizen Information Board And Other Toos Under Mgnrega , Mayabunder Block
I love tat- toos and had three already, so having another was like a return to normality - something I did before the accident.
This renowned historical site has brought fame for the city of Toos.
Indonesian air safety investigator Toos Sanitiyoso says the main priority is locating the main crash site, but warned it could take at least a week before the black box is found.