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interj. Good-bye. Take it easy. Toodle-oo.
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Louis Toodle-oo," "Black Beauty," and "Mood Indigo"--great examples of "jungle music" that make clear why the term jazz once had an overtly sexual connotation.
Louis Toodle-oo," "Birmingham Breakdown," "Creole Love Call" and "Black and Tan Fantasy.
Louis Toodle-oo," "Mood Indigo," "Creole Love Call" and "Rockin' in Rhythm," among others, created for performance in nightclubs, dance halls, popular stage shows, popular music records and radio broadcasts, had gained him the status of a new celebrity in the American world of popular entertainment, but he was of little or no concern to "regular" music critics and theorists in America.
Then it's toodle-oo to Creve Coeur ("that's French for fucked heart") and hello to the manicured Indiana manse of her 35-year-old gay half brother, Bill (Hollow Reed's Martin Donovan), and his space cadet toy-boyfriend, Matt (Ivan Sergei).