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tomato can

An exceptionally poor boxer, one who is often paired with a much better boxer so as to improve the latter's statistics and win percentages. The up-and-coming star boxer suffered a huge upset last night at the hands of a tomato can who everyone expected to lose.
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tomayto, tomahto

A negligible, trivial, or unimportant difference, distinction, or correction. (Refers to the American pronunciation of tomato as "tomayto," compared with the British pronunciation of "tomahto." Specifically, it is an allusion to a verse in the song "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off": "You like potayto, I like potahto; you like tomayto, I like tomahto; potayto, potahto, tomayto, tomahto, let's call the whole thing off!") A: "Well, technically, the Hindenburg was a rigid airship, not a blimp." B: "Eh, tomayto, tomahto, who cares?"

tomato juice

1. Literally, juice from a tomato. My grandfather loves to drink tomato juice, but I can't stomach it. I think this Bloody Mary needs some more tomato juice.
2. slang Blood, especially from a boxer. (This phrase is likely related to the term "tomato can"—an exceptionally poor boxer.) Look at that fool, leaking tomato juice all over the ring already!
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n. an attractive girl or woman. A good-looking tomato brought me my change.
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Tomato pomace (TP), a byproduct of the tomato juice industry, contains an abundance of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, vegetable fiber and protein (Delvalle et al.
Vgvjh cucumber planting tomatoes, strawberries inVtyyn amount of energy for greenhouse tomato production in greenhouses in Kermanshah provinc.
The Moruno has been grown exclusively for Tesco and is packed with lycopene - the antioxidant which gives tomatos a rich red colour and is known to help guard against prostate and breast cancer.
Our group studies the light regulation of flavonoid synthesis in tomatos in order to develop strategies to increase flavonoid levels for improved nutritional content.
Horticulture related fruits are citrus, mango pulp, tomatos etc.
His answers draw on history, anthropology, chemistry, biology and other fields and describe the adaptation of 30 foods, including apples, bananas, chocolate, peanuts, pineapples, tomatos and watermelons.
When Europeans first landed on these shores so many years ago, it has been estimated that there were approximately 100 million Native people waiting here to welcome them with local delicacies like tomatos, potatoes, tobacco and corn.
The date is a coming-out party for the band's new label, Hot Tomato Records, which today releases two double-CD compilations of live rarities, ``Raw Tomatos'' and ``Ripe Tomatos.
Little Feat fans will surely be loving their longtime heroes when Hot Tomato's first two releases -- Raw Tomatos and Ripe Tomatos, each a double-CD collection of live rarities spanning over thirty years of performing -- hit the street on June 18th.
From the first tiny hair of growth to the ripening of the juicy red tomatos, you have watched, tended, protected, become exasperated at the speed of growth, then felt pride in their prolific maturity, and deep wonder at the miracle of life that you have witnessed.
Helle's office in the town of Mission is decorated with paintings and sculptures of tomatos and wall hangings from Texas A&M, where he earned a degree in agricultural economics.
Ro'n i wedi gwirioni efo'r wybodaeth bod tomatos yn colli eu blas yn yr oergell ac yn gallu datgblygu "a granular texture"; bod lemonau a leims yn sychu ynghynt o'u cadw yno, a bod tatws yn difetha gan fod yr oerfel yn troi'r starch yn siwgr.
ONLY the most zealous Europhile who secretly enjoyed being pelted with tomatos would jump on a soapbox today and argue that Britain should join the euro.