Tom, Dick and Harry

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Tom, Dick and/or Harry

anyone, especially people that you do not know or do not think are important Draw the curtains or we'll have every Tom, Dick and Harry peering through the window. I want a qualified plumber to do the job, not just any Tom, Dick or Harry.
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Could Tom, Dick and Harry call on the Cabinet of Russia and do that?
One should not be a meal ticket for every lazy Tom, Dick and Harry.
The inmates constructed three tunnels - Tom, Dick and Harry - 30 feet below ground.
One idea behind changing was that by lumping it together we'd get much better crowds, and we get much better crowds at Ascot for Champions Day, but now Future Champions Day is shuffled to a Friday, realistically there'll be Tom, Dick and Harry there watching it.
Steve McQueen jumping over barbed wire fences in a motorcycle and heroic POWs digging escape tunnels Tom, Dick and Harry under the very noses of their unsuspecting captors is stirring stuff.
He became part of Squadron Leader Roger Bushell's scheme to dig three tunnels, famously nicknamed Tom, Dick and Harry, hidden beneath barrack huts.
Sir--I am wholly at a loss to understand the reluctance on the part of the appropriate ministry to grant ophthalmic opticians the very much over-due increase in fees, in view of the fact that a wage increase appears to have been awarded to every Tom, Dick and Harry in the country, in many instances by the same ministry.
Tom, Dick and Harry, as they are known, must be the quirkiest way to store your condiments.
TOM, DICK AND HARRY Trinity Players, Sutton Arts Theatre, Sutton Coldfield THIS is a brave and successful production by Jane Aston and Gary Simmons - brave, because only three of the cast of ten had been onstage before, and successful because the newcomers' burgeoning enthusiasm enables them to cope effervescently with the fun-filled skills of writers Ray and Michael Cooney.
I would say it is the Cardiff City police and magistrates who grant alcohol licences to every Tom, Dick and Harry.
IS IT just me or has every Tom, Dick and Harry gone rugby-mad these days?
Tom, Dick and Harry are a trio of tub chairs produced by UK seating company Boss Design.
Stop Tom, Dick and Harry entering surgical wards, have disinfectant mats at hospital entrances, and bring back the old-style matron.
The only things the syllabus lacks are a couple of topics in the Tax paper and some exam questions based on Tom, Dick and Harry trading as a post office rather than Royal Mail Group plc.
Three tunnels, codenamed Tom, Dick and Harry, were started in April that year.