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n. an old person; an old man. (Also a term of address.) Ask that old-timer over there if it has always been this bad around here.


n. one who deceives one’s lover. Sam just isn’t my idea of the typical two-timer.
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He admitted that canceling the timers contributed to the rise in traffic violations by motorists, mostly because the motorists are confused about the time left to takeoff or stop, thus they fall victims to traffic cameras.
Prepping for the ACT and SAT tests were not all that long ago for me," says Testing Timers founder, Jordan Liss who is now a junior at the University of Michigan.
8220;The team at Time Timer is absolutely thrilled to be the recipient of the Learning magazine Teachers' Choice Award for the Classroom for our Time Timer PLUS,” said Dave Rogers, president of Time Timer, LLC.
The timers initially display the usual green man symbol indicating it is safe to start crossing the road, followed by a countdown timer that counts down the seconds before it turns red.
Plug-in Digital Programmable Appliance Timer, pounds 9.
In 2007, the Valencia Water Company will offer rebates for customers who replace their existing timers with smart controllers and participate in a water-efficiency survey.
The products were made by German firm GE Grasslin, which is now contacting its distributors and electrical contractors to trace and recall each timer.
According to Noparstak, the uses for electric timers are endless.
Waveform Generation: As with replacing standard logic devices, a PIC10F microcontroller can take the place of traditional 555 timers, pulse-width modulators (PWMs), remote control encoders, pulse generation, programmable frequency source, resistor-programmable oscillators and much more.
Because of this flexibility, timers can also be used to mist plants, using short cycles that repeat once or several times during the day.
Beef filet mignons and other specialty cuts of meat can be cooked to perfection with the Pop-Up[R] Timer from Volk Enterprises, Inc.
The prosecution asked Bollier to use a magnifying glass to examine a fragment of an electronic circuit board used for timers found with the wreckage, and Bollier indicated that it could have been from one of Mebo's timers but that he was not 100% sure according to the Associated Press.
5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Tutors who help students get ready to take college entrance exams, like the upcoming ACT tests February 8, 2014 and April 12, 2014, are praising the Testing Timers wristwatch.
In response to Mr Ali Kazerooni 'You are confused' (GDN, July 16), with countdown timers I've seen back in India the timer starts immediately after the signal goes green and changes to amber/red when it reaches zero.