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thumbnail sketch

1. A small picture that presents a smaller version of a larger image or proposed image. Before fully redesigning the layout of the office, the interior designer provided me with a thumbnail sketch of his initial plans.
2. A short description or preview. Class, each of you will need to submit a thumbnail sketch of your essay topic for my approval.
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a thumbnail sketch

a brief or small picture or description. The manager gave a thumbnail sketch of her plans. The student wrote a thumbnail sketch of his project.
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thumbnail sketch

A brief outline or cursory description, as in Let me give you a thumbnail sketch of the situation. This idiom alludes to drawing a picture no larger than a thumbnail. [Mid-1800s]
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thumbnail sketch

n. a quick and concise description. (One that could be written on someone’s thumbnail.) Let me give you a thumbnail sketch of what happened.
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With an image thumbnail selected in real time from live footage and optimized for viewer engagement, Neon Live brings this experience to the user from the second they come across live content or land on a publisher's website.
Usage of text: Generally, try to avoid text on thumbnails.
Even better: The same thumbnail previews are displayed in the history of recently visited URLS.
NetVisualize can generate an HTML page of thumbnail images, each linked to the websites they represent.
File Formats Supported by ArcSoft RAW Thumbnail Viewer:
Powerful Storyboarding and Thumbnail Templates for quick and easy creation of industry-standard horizontal or vertical storyboards.
To download high-resolution, print-ready JPEG images, click on the thumbnail image above.
Picasa allows its users to browse quickly through the entire collection of photos on their PC by displaying thumbnails of each image.
Thumbnails help to easily distinguish document types during review, and allow the user to quickly re-order images within a batch via drag-and-drop.
While it works with many e-mail utilities, such as Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo and Hotmail, this user friendly product allows you to browse your directory for the desired images, generate thumbnails and send thumbnails of JPEG2000 compressed images to any recipient.
After scanning a batch of documents, users can review the batch and see thumbnails of every image.
Brava-viewable files are presented through the SPS user interface using thumbnails, and the Brava viewer is launched when files are opened.
It allows designers to select various CAD files, add Visual Rights(TM) permissions, and then batch publishes the files as highly compressed models, accessible through a central navigation page with thumbnails of the models or directly through their own individual web pages.
Browsing thumbnails is a convenient way to look through a photo collection.