throw down

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throw something down something

to hurl something downward through something, such as a stairway, a duct, a drain, a hole. Max threw the weapon down the storm sewer. Someone threw the bucket down the well.
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throw something down

to cast something down onto the ground; to cast something to a lower level. Dave took one look at the box and threw it down. He threw down the box.
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throw down

1. To hurl or fling someone or something down with great force or speed: The card player threw down her fists in anger. The wrestler threw his opponent down on the mat.
2. To have a fist fight: You should watch your words unless you're prepared to throw down.
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throw down

in. to eat; to gobble one’s food. (The opposite of throw up = to vomit.) Man, I’m starved. Let’s find a hamburger joint and throw down.
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The CD of Throw Down Your Heart is presented by Rounder Records as the third installment in his series, "Tales from the Acoustic Planet.
Varela admits he lost focus on keeping his throw down after Wilson's ball took a high hop.
Before you throw down the plastic, gently remind yourself, "If I can't afford to pay for it with cash, I really can't afford it.
We thought Colorado State was going to throw down the field the whole game because they threw eight deep balls against Colorado and then they only threw two against us.
There is a rather broad consensus that the Iraqi Republican Guard will throw down its arms, businesses will start investing and hiring and we can begin reaping the profits of control of 30% of the world's oil.
The show has always offered some of the tightest freestyle sessions anywhere, with renowned battles featuring Ras Kass, Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap, and the infamous Hieroglyphics/Hobo Junction throw down.
When the manic Black tells nonbelievers ``I serve society by rocking,'' it is both a manifesto and a challenge to all those within earshot to throw down their hang-ups and get the Led out.
16, 1998--Tera Computer Company wanted to throw down the gauntlet to the supercomputer industry with its Gigaflop Crash Challenge.
We started off slow, just trying to throw down regular one-handed dunks, and then someone went between their legs with the ball and dunked one and everybody got excited and started high-fiving each other,'' Goldman said.