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John Thomas

slang A man's penis. Primarily heard in UK. The footballer lay on the ground in agony after being struck in the John Thomas by a defender's foot.
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doubting Thomas

A skeptic. A reference to the New Testament story about the Apostle Thomas, who refused to believe that Jesus had risen from the dead until he saw him in person. Lisa's husband was a real doubting Thomas when she told him she'd won the lottery. He demanded to check the ticket himself.
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sup with Sir Thomas Gresham

To go without food. Sir Thomas Gresham founded the Royal Exchange in London, which the poor often visited. A: "Why are you so hungry? Didn't you eat dinner?" B: "No, I got stuck in a meeting, so I supped with Sir Thomas Gresham."
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doubting Thomas

someone who will not easily believe something without strong proof or evidence. (Can be said of a man or a woman. From the biblical account of the apostle Thomas, who would not believe that Jesus had risen from the dead until he actually touched the risen Christ.) Mary won't believe that I have a dog until she sees it. She's such a doubting Thomas.
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doubting Thomas

One who is habitually doubtful. For example, He was a doubting Thomas about the coming merger, not believing it would ever happen. The term alludes to the disciple Thomas, who doubted Jesus's resurrection until he had first-hand evidence of it (John 20:24-29).
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a doubting Thomas

a person who refuses to believe something without having incontrovertible proof; a sceptic.
In the Bible, the apostle Thomas said that he would not believe that Christ had risen from the dead until he had seen and touched his wounds (John 20:24–9).
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a ˌdoubting ˈThomas

a person who will not believe something without proof: Now, for all you doubting Thomases who thought I couldn’t win an important race, here’s my medal to prove it!This expression comes from the Bible. Thomas refused to believe that Jesus had been brought back to life until he saw Jesus for himself and touched his wounds.
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References in classic literature ?
Should her disposition be really bad," said Sir Thomas, "we must not, for our own children's sake, continue her in the family; but there is no reason to expect so great an evil.
Norris," observed Sir Thomas, "as to the distinction proper to be made between the girls as they grow up: how to preserve in the minds of my daughters the consciousness of what they are, without making them think too lowly of their cousin; and how, without depressing her spirits too far, to make her remember that she is not a Miss Bertram.
Joyner Thomas, 47, a former Los Angeles County Probation Department employee, was convicted of grand theft Wednesday by a Long Beach Superior Court jury after a three-day trial, officials said.
But the joyful, splendid, and long ceremony in Rome contrasted with Cardinal Fisher's and Sir Thomas More's quick and brutal passage out of this world in London 400 years earlier.
When delegations from countries eager to forge trade pacts with the United States come to Washington, Thomas is the man they clamor to see.
The Board therefore orders that the attached Order of Prohibition issue against Respondent Carl Thomas, and that the attached Cease-and-Desist Order be issued against all Respondents.
We don't believe in cloning, but if we did, we would clone Scalia and Thomas," gushed Andrea Lafferty, TVC executive director.
Jesus gently reminds Thomas that he doesn't quite get it yet.
In 1991, Clarence Thomas was virtually an unknown federal judge who had recently been appointed to the bench in Washington, D.
For decades, Thomas could be seen sitting in the front row during Presidential press conferences, often asking the first question.
Army, Thomas has excelled in the moving of the nation's service members.
Pagels claims that had Thomas been included in the New Testament as its fourth Gospel instead of John, or had both been included, Christian faith and practice, from earliest times to the present, would have been profoundly different.
Thomas sports a well-trimmed moustache and dark wraparound glasses.