There's one born every minute

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There's one born every minute.

something that you say about someone who you think has been very stupid 'He left a window open and then wondered why he'd been burgled!' 'There's one born every minute, isn't there?'
See That's's one for the books, take each day as it comes, be of like mind, be one sandwich short of a picnic, six of one and half a dozen of the other
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A There were nine episodes of There's One Born Every Minute broadcast in 1966.
There's one born every minute and then they go and actually breed.
Well, there's one born every minute, and they all met in Blackrock in south county Dublin last Wednesday night.
Her film career had started in 1942 when Taylor appeared in her first motion picture, There's One Born Every Minute, aged just nine.
And proving there's one born every minute, like the loonies who send flowers when soap characters pop off the perch, coachloads turned up from the sticks in hope of seeing Askey and Murdoch hanging out the washing, George VI was a fan and once astonished a group of politicians by reciting almost the entire script of the previous night's show to them.
ON the basis that there's one born every minute -the Thai PM obviously hasn't studied Gerard Houllier's spending record in the transfer market -perhaps Everton could learn a thing or 75 million from The Thaksin Shinawatra Affair.
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