There's nothing to it

There's nothing to it.

something that you say in order to tell someone that something is very easy to do 'I heard rollerblading was really difficult.' 'Nah, there's nothing to it.'
See have nothing between the/ ears, stop at nothing, think nothing of, be nothing to shout about
See also: nothing
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It's easy to writ about "nothing" Whenever you've nothing to say Some say there's nothing to it Yet nothing's the theme of the day Come round, we'll do nothing together Assuming you've nothing to do With nothing to say to each other As there's nothing between me and you It costs nothing to put on the telly As always, there's nothing on So switch it off and do nothing You see, nothing's easy my son My story has nothing to end on So nothing is what you will see I could go on forever But it all means nothing to me W.
When something doesn't flow and it's not energetic, it's just boring and bland and there's nothing to it.
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