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waiting game

A situation where one postpones or delays a decision or course of action so as to first see what might happen or what one's opponent(s) might do. (Often used in the phrase "play a/the waiting game.") The prosecution has submitted a plea bargain to the defendant, so it's a bit of a waiting game at the moment to see if she will take it. The market is rather tumultuous at the moment, so I think we're better off playing the waiting game rather than making any hasty decisions.
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a waiting game


the waiting game

COMMON If you talk about a waiting game or the waiting game, you mean a situation in which someone delays making decisions or taking action because they are waiting to see how the situation develops. For now, it's a waiting game to see what they do next. We can see why Mr Jackson prefers the waiting game, keeping as many options open as possible. Note: People often say that they play a waiting game. I propose to play a waiting game, and hope that a few of the pieces of this puzzle will soon begin to fit together.
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a ˈwaiting game

a policy of delaying making a decision or doing something because this puts you in a stronger position: They’re playing a waiting game, delaying their offer until they know what the others are offering.
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playing Jovetic and his agent are playing the waiting game in the build-up to deadline day and he has interest from the clubs he spent last season on loan at last term in Sevilla and AS Roma - who both feel they can pay his PS90,000-per-week wages.
And it's unclear whether either of the matches on their summer tour will be shown on television in this country, with broadcasters also playing the waiting game.
My daffodils of spring, soon to be gone back to the earth where they belong then the waiting game to play for a time in their sleep-state to stay waiting for spring in another year from their hiding place, again to stir that golden shadow of their own making a little time in our world of amazement, taking, bringing forth a year that will be new as nature, in her awesomeness, to do not to forget the snowdrops being there their whiteness of purity, with us to share blessed we are with so much to see God in all this wonder for us to be the awakening then the closing of that door of Earth and the giving from its store looking forward to what is to come a little of this and that for everyone.
But the waiting game is a cruel twist for those already experiencing the loss of a loved one.
It's dragging on a bit, the baby is healthy so it's just a waiting game and we're getting a bit impatient - and I'll be playing the waiting game againn.
The Wakefield buses were very accommodating but once we returned to Huddersfield we were faced with the same problem with steps as before and the waiting game began again.
BILLY Jones looked ahead to tonight's game at Everton admitting he was always likely to play the waiting game following his summer move to Albion.
Summary: Portsmouth football club are playing the waiting game on one of the most important days in their financial history.
GARRY BRADY admits the waiting game is hard - but is still hoping it will pay off.
MARK Hughes is prepared to play the waiting game in an attempt to snare Samuel Eto'o and Carlos Tevez.
DAVID HAYE knows the waiting game is nearly over and his world heavyweight title dream is close to becoming a reality.
Cassell learned how to deal with the waiting game when he won two NBA titles with the Houston Rockets between 1993 and '95.
And in the case of The Waiting Game, a format shamelessly filched from Dale's The Other Half.
Having held off a little too long and now watching mortgage rates go up, people who had been playing the waiting game (to see if rates would somehow fall back) decided to jump in before more increases came along.
Williamson has played the waiting game since taking over in December as caretaker boss from the axed Alex Totten.