the fine print

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the fine/small print

the part of a printed agreement that is printed smaller than the rest but which contains very important information Never sign a contract until you have read the small print.
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Ye can, with your young eyes, read the small print of the lies from here.
It means they are trying to sell us something we don't need, so in order to make it more attractive, they lie about it, then admit they were lying the whole time - in the small print.
I have tried for a long time to read the small print, and the older I get, the harder it becomes.
The research also looked at the length of the small print surrounding some bank accounts.
The scam listings are absolutely worthless and my advice is to read all the small print on any free offers carefully before signing.
Freeman Despite paying pet insurance premiums, Mr Freeman's wife Stephanie was told they had not complied with the small print.
The small print of the Pre-Budget Report is coming under scrutiny as economists try to work out the full implications of Alistair Darling's strategy to bring down the country's Au178 billion annual deficit.
You need detail of exactly what the pounds 80 is for and where in the small print it states you are liable.
I know most of the companies say it's in the small print.
Victims don't even know they're at risk because exceptions are hidden in the small print of contracts, a Commons watchdog warns.
Combining text which is barely readable with misuse of gravity, the headline is unintentionally buried better than the small print in a legal contract
The small print reads, 'Travellers riding up the Snowdon mountain railway may experience communication problems.
Corporate tax partner at Grant Thornton, John Hodgson, said: "For all the Chancellor's encouraging words, the small print reveals that there are relatively few immediate boosts to business.