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get (one's) drift

To understand the meaning, insinuation, or implication of what one is saying. All I'm saying is that I won't be very sad if she breaks up with her boyfriend, if you get my drift. A: "I want him taken care of—he's become too much of a liability." B: "I think I get your drift."
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get someone's drift

Fig. to understand what someone is saying or implying. (Akin to if you get my drift.) I don't want to hear anymore about her or you. Do you get my drift?
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catch/get somebody’s/the drift

(informal) understand the general meaning of what somebody says or writes: Do you catch my drift?My German isn’t very good, but I got the drift of what he said.He wasn’t the sort of boy you’d introduce to your mother, if you get my drift (= I have not told you all the details, but I am sure you can understand what I mean).
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Nearer still, following the drift, an iceberg rears its crags and pinnacles to the sky; here, glittering in the moonbeams; there, looming dim and ghost-like in the ashy light.
said Nikita reproachfully, addressing the drift and the hollow and shaking the snow from under his collar.
At first the horse held back, then he jerked forward, hoping to leap the drift, but he had not the strength and sank into it up to his collar.
Being aware of the speed and/or intention of the drift is important as well.
DRIFITNG THE Drift Matsuri heads to Anglesey Circuit for the third consecutive year this weekend.
Laboratory analysis can be costly, and it will not reveal who's responsible for the drift.
It is, it is growing year by year and we also have the Drift Academy here where I am a coach.
George and James were no different - when they knew there was no fuel for the fire, they would take a sack and a hammer and head for the drift mines, some of which were by the Tyne opposite Dunston Power Station.
A great selection of talent from the drift world will be competing on a track specially designed for the event by local driver Alan "Chubby" McCord.
He submitted to EPA a critique of the drift studies done by the Spray Drift Task Force, a group of 42 pesticide firms that do most of EPA's drift testing.
During the Drift tournament, visitors will also be entertained by the 'Rage Extreme Zone' and Live music will fill in the night, featuring acts such as MTV Europe Music Awards nominee Hamdan from ABRI, UK's award winning Hip-Hop band 'Foreign Beggars' and the popular Egyptian group 'Arabian Knightz'.
Densities of drifting Baetis showed the strongest relationship with increasing numbers of hikers and densities of drifting Baetis were never low when >10 hikers passed upstream of the drift nets during a 30-min period (Fig.
France had disputed European Commission claims its small-scale fishing vessels broke this law because they were a maximum of 10km long compared to the drift nets banned by a 2002 EU regulation, which were often 100s of kilometres long.
Fletcher is just one of many individuals described and quoted in this book, for the history of the drift stations would be incomplete without mention of the many people, and not just scientists, who ensured their operational and scientific success.