That's my boy

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That's my boy.

 and That's my girl.
That is my child of whom I am proud.; I'm proud of this young person. After the game, Tom's dad said, "That's my boy!" That's my girl! Always a winner!
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and who also starred in The Liver Birds, Coronation Street and That's My Boy.
Adam Sandler, who set a record by winning ten awards for his work in Jack and Jill last year, was named Worst Actor for That's My Boy.
THE KNOT (15) Verdict: TO KNOT or not to Knot, that is the question, so soon after other so many recent wedding 'comedies' including Stephan Elliott's A Few Best Men, Nigel Cole's The Wedding Video and even Adam Sandler's That's My Boy.
STAR: Roman Perry is a fos oty fan FOOTBALL fan Roman Bentley has been nominated for this week's That's my Boy.
MY BOY DAN My boy Dan is a happy little man Lego in hand concentration on face Fixing each piece into place That's my boy Dan Whatever he is making starting to take shape His small fingers searching Tongue hanging from the corner of his mouth That's my boy Dan Thinking, where is that final piece At last complete a smile on his face This time a helicopter fire rescue he says Which one will he make next As he gallops upstairs That's my boy Dan LORENE KENNEDY TECHNOLOGY.
That's My Boy, Cert 15 DONNY (Adam Sandler) fathered a son, Todd, in his teens and raised him as a single parent.
THAT'S MY BOY Alan Quinlan pictured with son AJ on Friday
You can also send in baby pictures, your own photos from around Teesside, a few words for That's My Boy or Girl and any snaps you've taken from your recent events.
From your little one learning to count to 10 in this week's That's My Boy, to the gorgeous wedding day of Natalie and David Yale -right through to California Girls adding to their silverware collection.
Be sure not to miss the great That's my Boy or Girl column where readers can congratulate a young person on their achievements, and the new Funny of the Week.
THAT'S MY BOY Paul Nicholls stands guard as Kauto Star (white face) gallops by
Fualaau recently claimed that Hollywood star Adam Sandler's new movie That's My Boy is loosely based on their story.
So get snapping and send me in your wedding shots, baby pics, landscape photos, pet pictures, not forgetting to take your chance to boast about your wee ones in That's My Boy or Girl.
that's my boy Clinton with mum Kelley after 1993 poll victory
8PM Long before foisting the likes of That's My Boy, Jack & Jill and Grown Ups on the world, Adam Sandler seemed capable of goofy charmers like this snappy hymn to fatherhood, played for big easy laughs.