Thank you

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Thank you.

I am grateful to you and offer you my thanks. Bill: Here, have some more cake. Bob: Thank you. John: Your hair looks nice. Mary: Thank you.
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Sponsored by merci Finest Assortment of European Chocolates in collaboration with The Emily Post Institute, National Thank You Day was created to encourage people to remember and recognize the everyday acts of kindness shown to them.
To everyone who gives his or her time and talent, we can't say thank you enough.
I end up by saying to each element, "Three times three times three big time thank yous.
And thank you to the senior class over at Louisville High in Woodland Hills for sending more than 150 backpacks filled with school supplies, sweat shirts and toiletries to 150 new students at Redemptress High School in Baton Rouge, who were displaced from their schools in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina.
Thank you to our book reviewers for their reviews and to Terry Robinson for his 'Powwowing' cartoon.
We thank you for your forbearance and for not permitting your well-understood (and, indeed, shared) frustration in the face of delays and bugs and glitches not drive you away.
Within the national structure, there are a number of people who deserve our recognition and heartfelt thank you for their contributions to MTNA.
Thank you so much for "72 Spring Beauty Tips, Tricks and Surprises
A very big thank you to the nominators who were inspired by these incredible women to send in these excellent nominations.
Thank you to Susan Froberg for the metaphoric dance we do each month when deciding what the art will look like on each page of the magazine.
The Thank You Book for Kids by 14-year-old Ali Lauren Spizman Longstreet Press 148 pages
Then watch for the powerful results of a simple thank you.
landingPage=PressRelease), such as business thank you cards, business birthday cards and business sympathy cards, employing the power of Hallmark greeting cards are available to overcome this challenge and help companies strengthen business relationships.