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Jim Takats, President and CEO of TRU Simulation + Training said, The Bell 525 simulator will use Odyssey H FFS, which is currently in the manufacturing stage .
TRU will complete the design, development, manufacturing, installation, testing and certification of the FFS.
TRU TECH Precision CNC CD/ID Grinders: 6 x 18 and 8 x 20 models with high precision ball screws, variable speed 3 horsepower spindle, features Pick-N-Place Talking Software, grind between centers, with 50 collet and various chucking options.
Exclusively for TRU TECH precision CNC grinding machines.
Pay attention to how long it takes the TRU to cool down.
Keep your hands off the cooler assembly when removing or installing the TRU.
TRU Oiltech continues to evaluate the process parameters and expects to achieve its target of lighter, low sulfur, low acid product from heavy crude oil and oil sand bitumen.
These are excellent results and lead me to believe that our TRU process will become an important upgrading technology for heavy oil and oil sand bitumen producers," said Sandy Constable, President of TRU Oiltech Inc.
From children's matinees to creature features, 3-D concerts and documentaries, there are a wide variety of commercial applications for our SVX TRU 3-D theatres.
TRU Oiltech has the potential to add significantly to Rival shareholder value.
TRU Company Launches Kabbalah Yoga DVD Series: "Ambitious Beginners" and "Attainable Advanced" for the Body and Spirit
PLAN PRICE TRUVOICE TRU DATA TRU EUROVOICE DETAILS (Mins) (MB) SMS (Mins) Essential GBP20* 100 100 0 50 Includes 2 numbers- a UK Elite 500 GBP50* 500 500 500 100 number plus an Elite GBP80* 1,000 1 GB 1,000 200 additional 1,000 number for an Elite GBP140* 2,000 2 GB 2,000 500 alternative Tru 2,000 country