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Swiss bank account

A bank account held in Switzerland. Such accounts are highly confidential and are only identified by a number, rather than the owner's name. I suspect they're putting the embezzled funds into a Swiss bank account because we haven't been able to trace it. How are we going to get information on this transaction if it's going into a Swiss bank account?
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more holes than Swiss cheese

If an argument, theory or plan has more holes than Swiss cheese, it has very many faults and problems. The current laws have more holes than Swiss cheese. Jackson claimed the system had more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Note: Swiss cheese is used in various other ways to describe an argument or theory like this. In my view it's a Swiss cheese you have there, not a case. Jones criticizes what she sees as Miller's `Swiss-cheese thesis'. Note: `Swiss cheese' is an American term for cheese such as Emmenthal, which has round holes in it.
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