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Provena is the shortest strawed hulless oat cultivar currently available that is adapted to production in the western USA.
No commercial cultivar, however, has yet been derived from N770 lines, which possess a higher level of crown rust resistance, but are tall and weak strawed.
Cougar is very strong strawed, equal to or better than the strongest strawed cultivars currently grown in Nebraska.
By contrast, the most winterhardy genotypes available in winter wheat are tall, weak strawed, rank poorly for yield in the absence of winterkill, and are very competitive (Thomas et al.
Natural selection in the mixture replaced high yielding, stiff strawed cultivars with competitive, winterhardy cultivars with low yield and long, weak straw, whether or not there was differential winterkill.
All cultivars in this group were tall, awnless, weak strawed, and had narrow spikes and small (short) seed with high seed protein concentration.