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keep the stork flying

 and keep the stork busy
Rur. to have lots of children. Sally's pregnant again, with their sixth. They sure do keep the stork flying! Grandma and grandpa kept the stork flying. I've got ten aunts and uncles.
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visit from the stork

Fig. a birth. (According to legend, babies are brought to their parents by a stork.) I hear that Maria is expecting a visit from the stork. The young couple had a visit from the stork.
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mod. pregnant. She got herself good and storked. Now what?
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visit from the stork

n. the birth of a baby. The last visit from the stork was in March.
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Seaton added: Storks business is largely driven by ongoing operating budgets and is therefore less impacted by volatile commodity prices.
EDyRNE (CyHAN)- A stork which was strolling around Meric and Tunca rivers in the western province of Edirne drew the interest of the people.
The centre is celebrating and the baby bunting is up after the arrival of four baby white storks.
It is widely agreed that White Storks largely depend on various types of grasslands as a suitable foraging habitat (Tryjanowski et al.
Investigations showed that the storks were poisoned by water in the wetland, which was confirmed to be tainted with carbofuran, one of the most toxic carbamate pesticides.
On this occasion, with news quickly shared, the storks were tracked across Llandudno, and later news emerged that the group were feeding in a field near Holywell on Sunday, but where did they go?
Mounir Abi Said, head of the wildlife education center The Animal Encounter, told The Daily Star that the photos showed "a real massacre against migratory storks and were a shock to us, by all moral, human and environmental standards.
Bryson recommends starting with a minimum of four storks to launch a new business.
8-meter-tall marabou stork on an Indonesian island once home to human-like 'hobbits'.
So far an internal investigating has cleared all storks of any wrong doing because JUMBiES are so cute and irresistible.
Bulgaria's electricity distribution company CEZ has installed over 500 safety platforms for stork nests on its power poles during the past three years.
White storks are most common in central and Eastern Europe, in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia, and southern Europe including Spain and Portugal, while smaller populations can be found in Germany.
The Storks of La Caridad" is Professor Emerita Florence Weinberg's third historical mystery featuring Father Ygnacio Pfefferkorn, a detective priest character based on an actual historical Jesuit missionary who was forcibly removed from his Sonora Desert mission around 1767 to be imprisoned for 6 years near Cadiz, Spain before being sent to La Caridad and the Norbertines for two years.
Storks commonly nest on buildings in southern, central and eastern Europe, and an expert said yesterday it was possible they would one day nest in Wales as global warming takes effect.
Since stork babies are widely believed to come from storks,'' said Kitup, ``it doesn't take a brain obstetrician to see where we're going with this.