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circular firing squad

A group, usually a political party, that is allied against a common enemy or opponent but whose internal disagreements and attacks end up doing more damage to each other than to their target. The lead up to the presidential nomination saw the party devolve into a circular firing squad, as each candidate's vociferous bid to unseat the incumbent president ended up creating huge divisions and disarray within the party itself.
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goon squad

A group of people hired or acting for the purposes of enforcement, protection, intimidation, and/or harassment on behalf of someone else. Primarily heard in US. After Mr. Smith refused to pay the mafia protection money, they sent a goon squad around to rough him up.
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One's group of close friends. I'm going to the party tonight with my squad.

squad goals

The aspirations, desires, or values of one's group of close friends, often illustrated in an image posted on social media that is captioned with the phrase as a hashtag. Check out this selfie of Jenny and her friends at the library. She hashtagged it with "squad goals." See you all bright and early tomorrow at the protest! #squadgoals
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I'd rather face a firing squad than do something

Fig. I would prefer to stand and be executed by gunfire than to do something. I'd rather face a firing squad than go shopping the day after Christmas.
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the awkward squad

a squad composed of recruits and soldiers who need further training.
Shortly before his death Robert Burns is reported to have said, ‘Don't let the awkward squad fire over me’. Nowadays, the expression is often used to refer to a group of people who are regarded as tiresome or difficult to deal with.
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goon squad

1. n. an organized group of thugs; a gang of toughs. (Underworld.) The goon squad Mr. Big sent around scared the devil out of Wilmer.
2. n. the police. My old buddy on the goon squad tells me there’ll be some action over on Maple Street tonight.
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junk squad

n. police who enforce the narcotics laws. (Underworld.) The junk squad has more than it can handle trying to keep up with the hard stuff.
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Root has been an ever-present in England squads in all formats of recent times, and won the Compton-Miller Medal as man of the series in this summer's Ashes.
Valleys gymnasts who have been selected for the South Central regional training squads
Sixteen gymnasts have been invited to join the Great Britain Squad, one in the England Squad and one in the Scottish Squad across four different disciplines, men's artistic, rhythmic, tumbling and women's artistic gymnastics.
Players can see "their whole squad come to life" in this mode after the creation of a squad.
SQUADS ENGLAND ODI SQUAD TO PLAY SOUTH AFRICA: AN Cook (capt), JM Anderson, JM Bairstow, IR Bell, RS Bopara, TT Bresnan, JW Dernbach, ST Finn, C Kieswetter, EJG Morgan, SR Patel, GP Swann, IJL Trott, CR Woakes.
The citizens of Illinois have good cause to be proud today given the performance of a squad of Illinois riflemen recently at the National High Power Rifle Championships held at Camp Perry, Ohio.
Despite improvements in technology and training over the past half century, squads essentially operate in the same manner as their World War II counterparts.
Opening batsman Shaun Marsh will return to the ODI team, while all-rounder David Hussey has been reinstated to both the Twenty20 and ODI squads.
ENGLAND have predictably recalled Kevin Pietersen to their final one-day international and Twenty20 squads before next year's World Cup.
It is wonderful to see so many sailors in this group as it promises to establish a broad base from which they can push through and graduate to future squads.
There were a couple of shocks in the Argentina and France squads, but when you consider the eccentricities of their managers, they are perhaps not that surprising.
RAWALPINDI, January 12, 2010 (Frontier Star): City traffic police officer Rao Muhammad Iqbal has inaugurated No Parking squads while twenty-two No Parking Squads would do mobile patrolling in the district on shift basis.
England coach Fabio Capello has invited all the players to have appeared in his squads over the past two years to Wembley tonight.
The Under 12,13,14 and 15 squads were chosen following a rigorous selection process in April.
Commanded by a lieutenant, the field force has six to eight individual squads, each comprised of a sergeant and seven officers, that respond as a highly disciplined and cohesive disorder-control force.