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Spanish flag

A nickname for the California rockfish, due to its red and white markings. I caught a Spanish flag while I was out on the boat today.
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walk Spanish

To force one to leave a place. The phrase might have originally referred to the actions of pirates. A: "Why are you home so early?" B: "Well, they made me walk Spanish."
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old Spanish customs (or Spanish practices)

long-standing though unauthorized or irregular work practices.
This expression has been in use in printing circles since the 1960s; it is often used humorously to refer to practices in the British newspaper printing houses in Fleet Street, London, formerly notorious for their inefficiency. The reason for describing such practices as ‘Spanish’ is not known.
1998 Spectator [Outsourcing] can do much for flexibility and more for costs and it is a proven cure for quaint old Spanish customs.
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walk Spanish

be made to walk under compulsion. informal
The origins of this expression are not clear. It may refer to the practice of pirates on the Spanish Main, who forced their captives to walk in a particular direction by gripping their collar and trousers tightly.
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