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have a (good/solid/sound/etc.) grasp of/on (something)

To have a firm, clear understanding or determination of something. I hope everyone has a solid grasp of the material, as you'll be tested on it next week. I thought I had a pretty good grasp on English idioms, but I don't understand this one at all!
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get a (good/solid/sound/etc.) grasp of/on (something)

To attain a firm, clear understanding or determination of something. You will need to get a solid grasp of the material, as you'll all be tested on it next week. I'm trying to get a grasp on English, but I don't understand some of these idioms at all!
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be (as) solid as a rock

To be stable, sturdy, and reliable. They've been married for 50 years, so their relationship has to be solid as a rock. That table must be as solid as a rock to withstand the ceiling collapse with hardly a scratch.
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*solid as a rock

Cliché very solid; dependable. (*Also: as ~.) Jean has been lifting weights every day, and her arm muscles are solid as a rock. This company has always built power tools that are as solid as a rock.
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(as) solid as a ˈrock

extremely solid and reliable: The Irish team were solid as a rock in defence. ▶ ˌrock-ˈsolid adj.: The company has a rock-solid reputation.
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1. mod. good; great; cool. Listen to that solid beat.
2. mod. consecutive; consecutively. Then he “had the flu” for three days solid.
References in classic literature ?
In one room were seven pillars of solid gold, and in another the floor itself was of the precious metal.
While the little maid from Oz gazed wonderingly upon this scene the Nome King uttered a shrill whistle, and at once all the silver and gold doors flew open and solid ranks of Nome soldiers marched out from every one.
Upon his brow each wore a brilliant electric light, and they bore sharp spears and swords and battle-axes of solid bronze.
I believe that the solid axis of a mountain, differs in its manner of formation from a volcanic hill, only in the molten stone having been repeatedly injected, instead of having been repeatedly ejected.
Now, in the first place, I should be loth to wait till to-morrow when I have the means of appeasing my hunger already before me: in the second place, the solid viands of to-day are more to my taste than the dainties that are promised me; in the third place, I don't see to-morrow's banquet, and how can I tell that it is not all a fable, got up by the greasy-faced fellow that is advising me to abstain in order that he may have all the good victuals to himself?
The Tsar and the whole court and crowds of people were all gazing at them--at him, and Mahotin a length ahead of him, as they drew near the "devil," as the solid barrier was called.
At certain moments the air streamed against the ship as if sucked through a tunnel with a concentrated solid force of impact that seemed to lift her clean out of the water and keep her up for an instant with only a quiver running through her from end to end.
It was only later, when upon the white flash of another high sea hurling itself amidships, Jukes had a vision of two pairs of davits leaping black and empty out of the solid blackness, with one overhauled fall flying and an iron-bound block capering in the air, that he became aware of what had happened within about three yards of his back.
Rhino, from Robert McNeel & Associates (Seattle, WA), is an extremely inexpensive, Windows-based, free-form 3D modeling program that handles non-uniform rational B-spline (NURBS) curves, surfaces, and solids.
If you are currently using a hollow plastic pigment in your paper or paperboard coating formulation, here's news about a high solids breakthrough that can help you increase operating rates and/or improve sheet gloss and opacity.
When processors asked screw designer Robert Dray how to compare different types of barrier screws, he modeled melting capacity based on the biggest single factor, solids channel area.
The Cadra suite encompasses a wide variety of CAD/CAM/CAE functions: design drafting, numerical control, solids modeling, and electrical control and power systems design.
The union of solids and surfaces in MicroStation Modeler II means that users can be more productive and precise in creating solids.
BUSINESS WIRE)--June 22, 1995--Cadra Solids, Adra's powerful CAD software that enables designers to build three-dimensional models with unmatched ease, has received the Editors' Choice Award from Machine Design, a nationally distributed magazine with a circulation of nearly 200,000.
the leader in professional CAD products and services to engineers, architects, drafters, and organizations whose overall success relies on CAD, announced that it has met its original schedule for its new MicroStation Modeler solids modeling product and has begun volume shipments.