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When police arrived at Maden's home they found a repulsive library of snuff movies featuring killings, rape, child porn and extreme sexual violence.
La existencia de las llamadas snuff movies nos permitiran evocar la obsesion contemporanea de crimenes sexuales y la muerte como espectaculo.
El tema de las snuff movies (peliculas sangrientas con victimas reales) ya fue explorado en cintas como Tesis (1996) y 8 milimetros (1998), por lo que a estas alturas ya resulta desfasado.
Maybe they'd heard about the band's predilection for wearing masks on stage, or appearing to back projections from snuff movies.
SCORES of animal snuff movies are flooding the UK in the run-up to Christmas.
Although their actual existence has been hotly debated, at least in theory snuff movies have two main components: (1) the death being filmed must be real, and (2) it must be visible in its entirety/continuity.
These films include shock documentaries, imitations of snuff movies and mainstream fictions.
Kazuki (Hideaki Ito), is raped and killed by a gang of youngsters making snuff movies for kicks, Junko targets its leader, Kogure (Hidenori Tokuyama), son of a powerful businessman.
In a soundbite straight out of the early nineties, communications minister Richard Alston said: "It's not impossible to find bomb recipes or pedophile lists; indeed, if it's totally unrestricted, there's nothing to stop snuff movies and anything else that you might otherwise regard as totally unacceptable coming through on the internet.
A SEX killer obsessed with snuff movies and redheads has admitted strangling a policeman's teenage daughter then taking sick photos of her corpse.
Their car breaks down on a deserted highway and they seek refuge at the establishment run by creepy manager Mason (Frank Whaley) but then they hear night-time bangs from an adjoining room in this sporadically gripping thriller as they fight for their lives against masked attackers are who using the motel as a makeshift set for DiY snuff movies.
They soon realise it's the setting for a series of snuff movies and they are the next stars.
Vacancy is a sporadically gripping thriller about a married couple (Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale) fighting for their lives against masked attackers, who use a rundown motel as a makeshift set for DIY snuff movies.
VACANCY (15): Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale end up stranded in a motel used for making snuff movies.
They are subjected to all manner of psychological torture and near-death scrapes as masked attackers - who use the motel as a makeshift set for DIY snuff movies - target them.