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at a snail's pace

Very slowly (as a snail is known to move very slowly). My research is moving at a snail's pace—every experiment I've tried so far has failed. We'll never get there on time with you driving at a snail's pace!
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at a snail's pace

 and at a snail's gallop
very slowly. Things are moving along at a snail's pace here, but we'll finish on time—have no fear. Poor old Wally is creeping at a snail's gallop because his car has a flat tire.
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at a snail's pace

very slowly The action moves at a snail's pace in this film, as if all the characters were asleep.
Etymology: from the fact that a snail (a small animal with a round shell) moves very slowly
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at a snail's pace

very slowly
Usage notes: A snail is a small animal with a shell that moves very slowly.
The roads were full of traffic and we were travelling at a snail's pace.
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snail mail

the system of sending letters through the post What's your preferred means of communication? Fax, email or snail mail?
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snail mail

Ordinary postal service, as opposed to electronic communications. For example, He hasn't taken to his computer so he's still using snail mail. This slangy idiom, alluding to the alleged slowness of the snail, caught on at least partly for its rhyme. [1980s]
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snail's pace

A very slow pace, as in They're making progress with testing the new vaccine, but at a snail's pace. [c. 1400]
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at a snail’s pace

and at a snail’s gallop
mod. very slowly. Poor old Willy is creeping at a snail’s gallop because his car has a flat tire. The building project is coming along at a snail’s pace.
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at a snail’s gallop

See also: gallop


n. post office mail; regular mail as opposed to electronic mail. (Refers to the slowness of regular mail in comparison to electronic mail or faxes.) There are lots of color pictures in the article, so I will send you the original by snail-mail.
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Unlike vertebrates, which sluice their blood through vessels in a closed, recirculating system, conchs and other snails pump blood away from the heart in arteries that just--end.
Snails, it seems, have been branded the new star superfood.
We take care of the snails as if they were our family, our babies.
Greek cosmetics brand behind Snails nail polish for children and S'N'B Wash Off luxury polishes for women sees rapid growth of 496% increase in global sales.
There's nothing like foliage shredded by snails and slugs to make gardeners feel like a failure and get the blood boiling.
Wood made it back indoors with 25 snails and dumped them into his son's bedroom aquarium.
99, from holland & Barrett, is a moisturising and soothing, anti-aging gel which contains Helix Aspersia Muller, the substance snails produce to quickly regenerate their shells and skin, and aloe vera.
No snails are harmed in the making of Dr Organic Snail Gel.
This is available to men and women who lay bacK while three snails are placed on their face.
London, Aug 23 ( ANI ): Snails can hit a top speed of one metre an hour, travelling the length of an average garden in a night, a new study has found.
Snails crawl on the face of a woman during a demonstration of a new beauty treatment at Clinical-Salon Ci:z.
Hey Snails Virtual World - fun and safe virtual world for kids
Because the snails absorb drugs through their skin, have an open circulatory system and can be trained in only 30 minutes, the effects of growing or dying blood vessels and neurons on memory can be eliminated.
A COLLECTION of rare snails have packed up their shells to take refuge in the boiler room of Dudley Zoo.
Snails are the largest group of molluscs constituting the largest animal group next to arthropods.