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sidewalk superintendent

1. n. someone who—out of curiosity—watches excavations being dug and buildings being built. All day, the lines of sidewalk superintendents oozed by.
2. n. any critic. If another sidewalk superintendent comes in here and tries to tell me how to manage this office, heads will roll.
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sidewalk surfing

n. skateboarding. Bill spent a lot of time sidewalk surfing until the town passed an ordinance against it.
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Bill Totts leaped to the pavement and made his way to the woman on the sidewalk.
Not a sound in the village, not a soul on the sidewalk.
In order to economize in every way possible, so as to be sure to reach Hampton in a reasonable time, I continued to sleep under the same sidewalk that gave me shelter the first night I was in Richmond.
By and by we moved out, for 'twas eleven o'clock, and stands a bit upon the sidewalk.
Total quantity or scope: Tasks include street cleaning, cleaning sidewalks and bike paths, and their winter maintenance in cities strings regional roads in the area Problem # 1 - Darlowo cleaning the road - 8 385,00 m2 cleaning of sidewalks and bicycle paths - 19 010,00 m2 Winter maintenance of sidewalks and bicycle paths - 19 010,00 m2 Problem # 2 - Slawno cleaning the road - 6 635,00 m2 cleaning of sidewalks - 13 403,00 m2 Winter maintenance of sidewalks - 13 403,00 m2 mowing spaces - 6 300.
Tickets were issued to those who failed to shovel sidewalks abutting their properties, as well as to those who shoveled snow into the street.
Though sidewalks are generally smooth and level after installation, it is easy to overlook small and potentially harmful changes over a period of time.
The City of Windhoek says the uncontrolled usage of sidewalks for storage of building materials and for the use of concrete mixers spilling concrete on tarred roads and blocking stormwater systems, is a major concern.
The engineers are currently studying how to best update sidewalks for cyclists.
2004) identified a number of problems associated with trees, including allergies, obstructing street signs, damaging power lines, increasing concealment for criminal behavior, and causing sap damage to automobile finishes, and the perceptions that trees are unsightly when not maintained, that trees cost cities too much money, and that tree roots are the principal cause of cracked sidewalks.
In so doing, Britton unknowingly violated a longtime city ordinance that prohibits bike riding on sidewalks in the middle of downtown.
The city will spend about $300,000 a year for the next three to four years to replace the broken sidewalks throughout the city, said W.
Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) spent JOD 15 millions during the last four years on renovation and construction of sidewalks in Amman city.
Traditional Sidewalk Values Soon after the passage of Proposition 8 in California, The Daily Princetonian announced: "Campaign to Remove Freshmen from Sidewalks in Second Successful Week.
In the column, I discussed the conduct of (irresponsible) officials at the Maadi municipal council and about how the "tips" for which they sell the sidewalks don't end up in the coffers of Finance Minister Youssef Boutros Ghali.