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It's about before this shit happens, before Baltimore goes up.
Do you think they would understand and say, oh OK, you forgot to take them out after your trip to the firing range and you are a policeman in your country, we understand, shit happens, go on, have a nice flight.
It's the sort of town where bad shit happens in motels, drug stores get raided and, no doubt, hundreds more everyday, mundane lives are lived out in an everyday, mundane manner.
Indeed, even if you only read Burkhart's in-your-face words like SHIT HAPPENS, UP YOUR ASS, or TOUGH TITTY, painted like slogans across images appropriated from the canon of Taylor's films, what's striking is the consistency of this never-ending work in progress (the artist regards her output " for the series so far as just the first twenty-five years).
Just as fun is his "heteroflexible" best friend, Frankie (Zelda Williams, daughter of Robin), who announces, "I'm straight, but shit happens.
Shit happens and life goes on, consisting not of the catastrophes of war, famine and disease, or even the more commonplace dramas of heartbreak and longing, or political intrigue, and certainly nothing to do with hit men, hookers or vampires.
Land's End in Wales is the westernmost point in the southern mainland of Britain, but "Lands End" is a blunt statement of a possibly pessimistic sort: Shit happens, lands end.
It should have been 100, but shit happens,'' reflected Dobbin, who was handed a ban for overuse of the whip on Dante Citizen.
The ungraspable event that is the unlocatable center of culture is not always welcome in the centers of power, but beyond the New World Order and its not-so-hidden imperial will, people continue to eat, and shit happens everywhere.
All our other old bands (STREETS and Three Inches in Blood) were rad, but things happen, shit happens.
There is a necessity to catalogue the ways shit happens, but no good is done if they're rendered banal.
BAD SHIT Get Tested 7" (Narcosarcasmo)--Hey fuck nuts, Bad Shit happens to those who can't realize what punk is all about.
Bottom line is honesty, but sometimes shit happens.
All kinda shit happens as they blaze across the country, Joe: "We were on a tour with Danmg.