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after Saturday comes Sunday

A translation of a rare Arabic phrase attributed to militant Islamic extremists, meaning that Jews (who celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday) will be killed first, followed by Christians (whose Sabbath is on Sunday). We weren't sure of the safety of the area, but when we saw the phrase "After Saturday Comes Sunday" graffitied on the wall, we knew we should leave.
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a week tomorrow/on (some day)/etc.

One week from the day specified. Primarily heard in UK. I'm flying to Ireland a week on Saturday for my brother's wedding. We need that report finished a week tomorrow.
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a week yesterday/last (some day)/etc.

One week before the day specified. They only gave me the assignment a week yesterday, so I'm really stressed out about getting it finished by tomorrow. Chris left on his work trip a week last Tuesday.
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Saturday night special

slang A small, inexpensive handgun that is easy to obtain and conceal. Eight out of 10 suicides in this city are committed with Saturday night specials.
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Saturday night special

a small, easily obtainable pistol. There was another killing last night with a Saturday night special. That's the tenth shooting done with a Saturday night special this week.
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Saturday night special

n. a small, easily obtainable pistol. There was another killing last night with a Saturday night special.
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January Wednesday 1: Alfreton Town (A); Saturday 4: Aldershot Town (H); Saturday 11: FC Halifax Town (H); Saturday 18: Luton Town (A); Saturday 25: Grimsby Town (H).
Mail services: Regular service today; no service Saturday.
A variety of instruments, including voice, have all been a part of Pedagogy Saturday since the first meeting in Dallas.
MARCH ( Sunday 5: Derwent at Wykeham; Sunday 12: Holderness at Beverley; Saturday 18: Hurworth at Hutton Rudby; Saturday 25: Badsworth and Bramham Moor at Mordon.
Therefore, while the participating parents reported that they were pleased with the instruction which they received and that the joint participation with their children affected one of the programmatic goals of empowering the parents to assist their children with their daily homework, the commitment on the part of parents to accompany their children for instructional assistance on Saturday mornings was too great to attract more parents.
WAYNESVILLE TAILGATE MARKET Where: Badcock Home Furnishings Parking lot, North Main Street across from First Presbyterian Church Waynesville When: Wednesdays and Saturdays 8am-noon Contact: Ron Holster 828-456-3517 dwa@asapcom.
Lane Apex: Regular pickup schedule on Friday, no service Saturday.
But threats of a sustained freeze Saturday night and early today still had growers scrambling to protect their remaining crops.
Pedagogy Saturday IV brought together more than 100 keyboard, voice, string and wind teachers to explore ways to enhance both private and group lessons by incorporating the best of both worlds.
We sell direct to consumers at the Saturday North Asheville and the Wednesday French Broad Food Cooperative tailgate markets, and through a 36 member CSA.
Joint managers Garry Shephard and Danny Carter take their Martyrs team to Swindon Supermarine on Saturday, August 18, and that opening Penydarren Park league fixture is against Shortwood the following Tuesday.
Saturday at the Hollywood Palladium, 6215 Sunset Blvd.
Pedagogy Saturday IX will consider what it takes to nurture "The Whole Musician" with a view toward lifelong enjoyment of music.