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Other colleges with some form of optional standardized test or SAT I (New SAT) requirements include Hartwick (N.
If you plan to continue requiring the SAT or ACT, you need to clarify your policies and the changes in the testing for families looking at your school.
The UC Latino task force found that the SAT was racially biased and not a good indicator of how well a Latino student would do in college, said Raymund Paredes, a member of the task force and associate vice chancellor for academic development at UCLA.
The task force, composed of faculty and administrators from the UC system's nine campuses, said that another standardized test, such as the Golden State exam, could be substituted for the SAT.
Chyten's SAT course will be offered to Westwood High students with a choice of three options: a class of 15 or 16 students discounted from $895 to $495; Team Tutoring discounted from $1,775 to $999; and Chyten's premium service, private tutoring, discounted from $218 to $180 per week.
SAT Learning Center was developed in order to offer free and
low-cost SAT preparation to meet the needs of millions of
One-on-One with the SAT broadens the range of SchoolVista-compatible software into the high school environment and its assessment features enhance the SchoolVista Assessment Suite.
In The Big Test: The Secret History of the American Meritocracy, journalist Nicholas Lemann says the SAT favors teens from high-income areas, who can pay for SAT cram courses that improve scores, while students in poor schools are left behind.
Lemann's swipe at the SAT upsets many in the education world.