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This level of data enhances health care by keeping all stakeholders on the same page with the health care treatment approach.
The question at the center of this inquiry is whether desire for same necessarily implies an inferior or regressive form of relationship to the world, or whether it represents a non-hierarchical alternative to the desire for difference.
At the end of the application, the panel was allowed to flash for 5 min in the same position, and then baked vertically for 30 min at 140 [degrees] C.
At the same time, this section of text may also provide a second-millennium forerunner of the otherwise unknown Tablet 25 of the medical diagnostic-prognostic series Sakikka.
LNG as ship fuel seems very bright in the future, but is full of variables and the twists and turns, in the next topic, SZ Energy Intelligence will focus on challenges faced with the same LNG fuel.
It wouldn't be fair not to mention Triumph in the same breath as Harley and Ducati.
aegypti and Aedes albopictus (Skuse) (the Asian tiger mosquito) (Hofmann & Killingworth, 1967; Micks & Moon, 1980; Mitchell, Miller, & Gubler, 1987; Sames, Bueno, Hayes, & Olsen, 1996) as well as its endemic transmission in northern Mexico.
The proportions of ups (U) or downs (D) of the CBI Survey can be used to measure this non-linear process, but unless the proportion of the sames (S) is constant in the CBI Survey, the results will be different.
Tequila, triple sec and lime juice is the Margarita menage a trois, a drink created by wealthy socialite Margarita Sames while living the high life in Acapulco in 1948.
44) Spellman (Lynne Spellman, 'Referential Opacity in Aristotle', History of Philosophy Quarterly 7 [1990] 17-31) also makes use of the qua locution as an abstracting device in her interpretation of accidental sames in the epistemic puzzle in Sophistical Refutations 24.
But for older employees, imputed income could become an issue, said Susan Sames, a Tillinghast senior consultant in group life.
Sames (2005) advocates that it is important the words selected "have meaning to the reader and make documentation clear, accurate and relevant to the situation" (p.
And one of the most popular cocktails, the Margarita, named after Margarita Sames from Texas in 1948, became the taste of Hollywood's golden era.
Acapulco, Mexico-1948: Margarita Sames ofrecia una fiesta en su hacienda, al lado de un acantilado en Acapulco.