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good Samaritan

A person who selflessly helps others, especially those in distress. Taken from a parable in the Bible in which a Samaritan man was the only person who stopped to help a man who was robbed and beaten. Brad was hailed by the newspaper as a good Samaritan after he stepped in and helped a woman who was being robbed.
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a good Samaritan

someone who tries to help people who have problems
Usage notes: This phrase comes from a story in the Bible where a Samaritan man helped someone who was injured even though others would not help him.
He's such a good Samaritan. He used to go shopping for my gran when she was ill.
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good Samaritan

A compassionate person who unselfishly helps others, as in In this neighborhood you can't count on a good Samaritan if you get in trouble. This expression alludes to Jesus's parable about a Samaritan who rescues and cares for a stranger who had been robbed and badly hurt and had been ignored by a priest and a Levite (Luke 10:30-35). The Samaritans were considered a heretical group by other Jews, so by using a Samaritan for the parable, Jesus chose a person whom his listeners would find least likely to be worthy of concern. [c. 1600]
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Libby Hibbert, director of Samaritans of Tyneside, said: "Christmas is a time that can be very difficult for some people.
The grant will support much-needed work in the local community and in particular with NHS Community Practices, ensuring that Samaritan contact information is available when needed.
Huddersfield Samaritans director Michael George said: "We are really proud to help celebrate this important milestone.
Menna Roberts, of the Friends of The Samaritans, said: "As Christmas approaches we know from past experience that the calls from the lonely and the dejected will increase.
Chair of Samaritans service, Stephen Hoddell, said the city's landmark reflected the importance of the service, even today when forums, social networking and a wealth of internet advice exists.
For Samaritans, it is their direction of worship and for Muslims it is the site of a tomb of a wise man living during the era of the great Muslim leader Salah Al Deen Al Ayoub.
Josephus' terminology for the Samaritans, Josephus as an author writing to a particular audience, previous Josephan studies on the Samaritans), as well as an overview of early non-Josephan sources about the Samaritans (e.
The 2 page emergency brochure is just one of many informative documents put out by the organization, and was recently published in the November E-Newsletter distributed monthly by The Samaritans of RI.
Last year exams and studying stress came within the top dozen reasons for people contacting the Samaritans.
A spokesman for Bridgend Samaritans said he hoped it showed that people understood the message that they did not need to be suicidal to pick up the phone.
Samaritans can hone that skill which, in turn, will make a positive difference to somebody else's life.
Young people on remand at a Welsh prison will be given 24-hour access to the Samaritans in a bid to reduce suicides.
She understood that Jesus has a neighborhood development plan for his followers, and he's advocating we share a duplex with the Samaritans.
THE cost of living report, launched at the start of Samaritans Week '99 - this week - revealed that 60% of people in the UK would give money to the Samaritans to help save lives.