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snake oil salesman

Someone who sells, promotes, or is a general proponent of some valueless or fraudulent cure, remedy, or solution. (Can also be formed as "snake oil saleswoman" if referring to a woman, or "salesperson" to be gender neutral.) I find it hard to believe anyone would fall for those snake oil salesmen on TV selling holistic medicines and therapies. A lot of people have been swayed by the presidential candidate's plan for economic growth, but if you ask me, she sounds like a snake oil saleswoman.
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no salesman will call

a phrase indicating that no salesman will visit or contact you if you make an inquiry about a product. All inquiries are confidential and no salesman will call.
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For a limited time, instant e-book download of REPUBLIC OF RIPOFF: Confessions of a Home Improvement Salesman includes two free bonuses: Marr's list of rebuttals homeowners can use to stop aggressive salesmen in their tracks, plus a guide designed to help homeowners get exactly what they want out of various home improvements -- and nothing they don't.
When police investigated the March 14 shooting, they confiscated five guns, all belonging to the salesmen, and they located 21 shell casings, all from the five confiscated guns.
Hazel Parsons, of Energywatch, said: "We've been doing a lot of work on doorstep selling and have had a lot of complaints about energy salesmen tricking their way into people's houses by simply lying about where they're from and what they're offering.
There are reports of salesmen spending hours wearing victims down, refusing to leave until they agree to spend thousands on products which cost a fraction of the price in shops.
I have been appalled to learn that salesmen have been targeting refugees and asylum seekers, some of whom have little understanding of English and certainly no understanding about energy markets,' he told a conference on energy mis-selling.
It also looks back at two other major works about salesmen - Arthur Miller's 1947 play ``Death of a Salesman'' and the Maysles brothers 1969 documentary ``Salesman.
The rising number of complaints about doorstep salesmen in the Vale has led the authorities to issue warnings and advice about how to deal with such people.
Salesmen today, the kind that call on industrial plants axe considerably above the average man on the street.
The pounds 200-a-week showroom Mr Mopp beat 20 experienced salesmen to sell a record-breaking pounds 50,000 worth of second-hand vehicles.
A researcher at the University of Herefordshire sent out 50 "mistaken" pounds 12 cheques to equal numbers of vicars and car salesmen.
86-272 protection extended to the detailmen of the pharmaceutical companies and the technical salesmen in Coors Porcelain Company v.
After becoming one of Kaiser's top salesmen, Baszile developed the desire to "find something I could sell for myself.
Most folks would rather I mailed them a bag of rats than force them to entertain a couple of salesmen with windows.
One of our salesmen in Oregon sells a product to a customer in Portland, and we have to bill him, so we need to store the data.
2 PBF (1989 sales: $5 million-plus) in a deal that blew apart after discontented PBF salesmen threatened to sue both companies.