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snake oil salesman

Someone who sells, promotes, or is a general proponent of some valueless or fraudulent cure, remedy, or solution. (Can also be formed as "snake oil saleswoman" if referring to a woman, or "salesperson" to be gender neutral.) I find it hard to believe anyone would fall for those snake oil salesmen on TV selling holistic medicines and therapies. A lot of people have been swayed by the presidential candidate's plan for economic growth, but if you ask me, she sounds like a snake oil saleswoman.
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no salesman will call

a phrase indicating that no salesman will visit or contact you if you make an inquiry about a product. All inquiries are confidential and no salesman will call.
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There are reports of salesmen spending hours wearing victims down, refusing to leave until they agree to spend thousands on products which cost a fraction of the price in shops.
In Glasgow, salesmen from Coventry-based Powergen, owned by Germany's E.
Since salesmen are constantly being forced to evaluate themselves, their lives can be used as dramatic fodder.
A Vale of Glamorgan Council trading standards department spokesman said: ``While many salesmen are honest and genuine, there is the other side of the coin.
In some cases, salesmen have even been known to use aggression or threats towards potential customers in their hard sell tactics.
magazine suggests 93 per cent of car salesmen don't know what they're talking about.
But after the Civil War it underwent an important metamorphosis as American salesmen took to the road.
Most folks would rather I mailed them a bag of rats than force them to entertain a couple of salesmen with windows.
One of our salesmen in Oregon sells a product to a customer in Portland, and we have to bill him, so we need to store the data.
2 PBF (1989 sales: $5 million-plus) in a deal that blew apart after discontented PBF salesmen threatened to sue both companies.
Although scientists by profession, Podolsky and Kress are also salesmen of sorts -- salesmen of seabird real estate.
Usually, hiring salesmen in our industry is a pretty casual affair.
Making the New Era line of team products proprietary for our salesmen, catalogs and re-distribution partners is another important step in setting the Company and its offerings apart from others in the Industry.
It has been exactly six months since Standard Bank's Vehicle and Asset Finance (VAF) Department launched its exciting new "Arctic Challenge" campaign for its top Vehicle Salesmen and Dealerships, running from the 01 September 2012 to 31 July 2013.
Dubai Tablet salesmen in the UAE may soon have to alter their sales pitch to a new audience -- children.