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just a second

1. Wait for a short period of time. Just a second, darling, I'm almost finished.
2. Only a very brief amount of time. The doctor will be with you in just a minute.
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slang A shortening of "second," referring to the unit of time. Just a sec, I'm almost finished. The audio clip is just a couple secs long, but the senator's admission of guilt is clearly audible.


1. n. a second; an instant. (see also tick.) I’ll be with you in a sec. Keep your pants on!
2. and secs n. a Seconal barbiturate capsule. (Drugs.) I started taking sec in the hospital and just couldn’t stop.


See sec
See also: sec
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The decision on whether corporate employees should be separately represented is a fact-specific one involving a determination of whether a given individual has "exposure" in the SEC inquiry.
This is one of the most difficult decisions that must be made in an SEC investigation.
In addition, such an internal probe allows a corporation to assess whether it has committed securities violations, and whether it should actively defend itself in the SEC investigation or, instead, fully cooperate with the SEC by providing information about the violations.
Once a corporation informs the SEC that it is conducting an internal investigation, the commission will expect to be given the results of the probe.
For information on the format that is preferred by the SEC, visit www.
In most cases, being unnecessarily aggressive with the SEC official hurts your ability to handle a situation quickly and cost-effectively.
If you disagree with the SEC official, ask for a second opinion.