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Anyone interested in being involved should email their name, address, telephone number and why they think they're the best candidate to join the Frightwater Scare Team to paul@lightwatervalley.
Armed to the rotting teeth with an entire range of frightening elements, The Conjuring 2 represents the democratized, cutting edge of horror; it has something here-new and old- to scare just about anyone.
Andy and Jacqueline just entered the horror maze but people in costumes were already jumping out to scare them.
This departure from sound science and good sense subsequently marked the BSE crisis and almost all the food scares that have followed.
While Government agencies and local authorities try to clear our shop and canteen shelves of affected products, what about the bigger picture and what this scare actually means?
There is also the opportunity for self-improvement, by getting onto the rapidly proliferating quango health committees in order to deal with all the unsubstantiated gossip about health scares.
Anti-perspirants were the subject of one particular Internet scare quoted in Health Which?
Just as some of the health scares featured in this report are grossly exaggerated, so you find similar distortions in the smoking debate - the effect of passive smoking on nonsmokers, for example.
Joy quotes a friend of his, the avant-garde computer scientist Danny Hillis, who explains why the new technologies don't scare him: "I'm as fond of my body as anyone, but if I can be 200 with a body of silicon, I'll take it.
Scares, though they may be manipulative and strategic, are often moments that confound direction and intention; they are fraught with uncertainty, risk, anxiety, panic.
So, if you think about it, we've had two great red scares: the anticommunist red scare and the "Indian"-hating red scare.
The new channel will deliver spooks and scares to the young male audience that has made Break.
A family fun event, suitable for all ages, will feature mini scares during the day.
Jake Gyllenhaal, 33, was obviously not prepared with the TV host's pranks and scares when he appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to promote his latest film titled "Nightcrawler.
On the other hand, in an era when cheap, incoherent scares in narratives that don't tax 13-year-old attention spans are the most bankable kinds of horror movies, an intellectual, realistic craftsman such as LaBute seems out of place in the genre.