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do a runner

To flee or quickly leave a place, usually so as to get out of paying for something or to avoid trouble or the law. Primarily heard in UK. The teenagers did a runner as soon as the cab stopped, leaving the driver to foot the bill. The young man, unintelligible with drink, did a runner when the police went up to question him.
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the person or thing thought most likely to win or succeed. The press found out some juicy secrets about the front-runner and made them all public. Who is the front-runner in the race to be governor?

front runner

n. the leader; the person or thing most likely to win. The press found out some juicy secrets about the front runner and made them all public.
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1. n. a messenger. I work as a runner in the financial district.
2. n. a person who transports contraband. (Underworld.) The runners got away, but we have the goods.
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Looking at the predicted laminar flow ratio of both of these runners on the graph in figure 5, the laminar flow ratio for the half-round runner is 0.
Arguably the top distance runner from the area in years, Cybulski proved he wasn't just a track and field star this season with a first-place finish at the state Div.
Prototype and multicavity plastic injection molds including closures/caps (both single face and stack type), unscrewing and strip molds, hot runners, and insert shuttle molds.
Still, most firms tend to run as close to the limits on pattern or mold space as possible, which has reinforced the use of tall, narrow runners out of convenience.
Thirdly, often Langer has simply found that steering runners toward one shoe or another is difficult because of the "singular experience we all have with each shoe.
Athletes with better than average speed do not necessarily make the best relay runners.
More experienced runners can run more repetitions or longer intervals.
To uncover the dynamics and social structure of this illicit street activity, I interviewed and observed five drug runners who sell crack cocaine in Honolulu, Hawaii's Chinatown district.
Recognized as the worldwide authority on running information, the mission of Rodale's Runner's World is to inform, advise, and motivate runners of all ages and abilities.
Sperry has earned the respect of other runners for her immense talent, but she is also known as having one of the most likable personalities in the sport.
Melt-flow channels around heated distributor tubes provide self-insulating system, reportedly using up to 75% less energy than conventional hot runners.
This technique allows a straight or reversed tapered sprue with no detrimental effect, and newer practices allow the sleeve to be placed right above the mold cavity, eliminating the need for runners.
The use of adjustable chokes in the runner system allows fine-tuning of the balance to overcome unequal runners or differences in material shear thinning properties.
For example, some runners believe that a lane assignment that allows them to start behind other runners is an advantage.
However, stool samples taken after intense workouts or post-race have revealed occult bleeding in 7-30% of marathoners with occasional reports of major upper GI or lower GI hemorrhage also reported in runners.