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the lowest rung on the ladder

The person with the least amount of experience, authority, and/or influence in a social or corporate hierarchy. It can be a little daunting going from being a senior in high school to the lowest rung of the ladder again as a college freshman. I know I'll be the lowest rung on the ladder with this internship, but it will at least give me a place to start my career!
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the lowest rung of the ladder

The lowest, most basic position in a given group. Quarks are at the lowest rung of the ladder in the physical makeup of matter. Tech startups may start on the lowest rung of the ladder economically, but, given their business model, they have a very high potential for growth.
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get (one's) bell rung

To receive a violent blow or injury, especially to the head and as might stun, concuss, or incapacitate. Sean got his bell rung by some guy in the bar last night after insulting his girlfriend. No wonder you keep getting your bell rung with the way you hassle people.
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ring (someone's) bell

1. To strike someone with a violent blow to the head, especially as might stun or concuss. I would have rung that guy's bell if I knew he had been trash-talking you. Sarah's likely to ring your bell if you keep harassing her like that.
2. To be enjoyable, preferable, or satisfactory to someone; to be or provide something that someone wants. A: "How's that new book you're reading?" B: "Eh, it isn't really ringing my bell, to be honest." I'd rather go see the action movie, if that's all right. Dramas just don't ring my bell.
3. To sexually attract or arouse someone; to bring someone sexual gratification or satisfaction. That redhead from across the bar has been ringing my bell all night. He looks mighty fine, all right. I'd like to take him home and ring his bell!
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at the bottom of the ladder

Occupying the lowest, most basic position in a given group. Quarks are at the bottom of the ladder in the physical makeup of matter. Tech startups may start at the bottom of the ladder economically, but, given their business model, they have a very high potential for growth.
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ring hollow

To sound or give the sense of being false, insincere, or not genuine. The statements that followed made her apology ring hollow. The dialogue in the film rings hollow—no one talks like that in real life.
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the first/top rung on the ladder

The top or superior position in a particular field or arena. The first rung on the ladder in this school is captain of the football team.
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ring the changes

To continually alter or change something. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I'm not surprised that Tina showed up with purple hair today—she loves ringing the changes with her hair color.
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at the bottom of the ladder

 and on the bottom rung (of the ladder)
Fig. at the lowest level of pay and status. (Alludes to the lowness of the bottom rung of a ladder.) Most people start work at the bottom of the ladder. After Ann got fired, she had to start all over again on the bottom rung.
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ring the changes

Keep varying how one performs an action or says something, as in She went on and on, ringing the changes on the joy of computers. This expression alludes to the art of change-ringing, where a series of church bells are rung in as many sequences, or changes, as possible. [Early 1600s]
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ring the changes

COMMON If you ring the changes, you make changes to the way something is organized or done in order to make it different or to improve it. I like to ring the changes with dark curtains in the winter, and light Indian ones in the summer. Choose a classic trouser suit that you can wear all year round, and ring the changes each season with blouses, scarves and jewellery. Note: In bell-ringing, to `ring the changes' means to ring a number of church bells, each of which gives a different note, one after the other in every possible combination.
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ring hollow


sound hollow

COMMON If a statement or promise rings hollow or sounds hollow, it does not seem true or sincere. Now the promise of a long, secure career rings hollow, employers must find new ways to attract staff. Official claims that the two countries are close friends sound increasingly hollow. Note: You can also say that a statement or promise has a hollow ring. The Government's claim to be making record investments in railways has a very hollow ring. Compare with ring true. Note: The idea is of an object that is meant to be solid making a loud noise when struck, indicating that it is weaker or cheaper than it was believed to be.
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ring the changes

vary the ways of expressing, arranging, or doing something.
In bell-ringing, the changes are the different sequences in which a peal of bells may be rung.
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ring the ˈchanges (on something)

(British English) make changes to something in order to have greater variety: I’m pleased to see that they’re ringing the changes in the staff canteen. The new menus are much more interesting.This expression refers to bell-ringing, where the bells can be rung in different orders.
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We applaud the developers responsible for the 11 open source projects that have advanced to the second rung of code security and quality at the Coverity Scan site," said David Maxwell, open source strategist for Coverity.
On an extension ladder, wrap your free arm around one of the rungs.
Three rungs on the ladder and the height of the engineer gives us a working height of 10ft.
This means that one hand and both feet or both hands and one foot are always in contact with the rungs of the ladder.
Taitec has a strong record of its trainees finding appropriate jobs in IT after reaching various rungs of their career ladder after completing the relevant training.
Records management programs that use items from the top rungs are successful, so the thinking goes, while systems that get by with choices from the lower rungs are branded by default as ineffective or obsolete.
Ladders of thirty-seven rungs linked several levels, and as the night progressed dancers moved up and down, hung from rungs, and leapt to freedom.
The 5/08 can print out instruction rungs in ladder-logic format for documentation purposes.
The vertical members, built like little ladders, have rungs made of 1/4-inch dowel that span parallel 2-by-2s spaced 7 5/8 inches apart.
Ricardo Guarnero, attorney for the Hispanic workers, stated, "Spacelabs has a large number of Hispanic workers that basically occupy the bottom rungs of the labor force.
Though fewer than 1 in 10 respondents continent-wide place their current or past lives on one of the ladder's top three rungs, nearly half (47%) believe they will be in that range five years in the future.
Paradise is in view, so make sure your rungs are both steadfast and godly.
The four natural bases pair up to form the rungs on DNA's ladderlike structure.
A ladder had magazines placed on the rungs, apparently an attempt to direct the flames into the attic, firefighters said.