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get the royal treatment

To receive extravagant treatment or elaborate attention and care. At our spa, we make sure all our customers get the royal treatment. By signing up with us, your website will get the royal treatment from our team of professional web developers!
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give (someone) the royal treatment

To treat someone or something extravagantly; to give someone or something elaborate attention and care. At our spa, we give all of our customers the royal treatment. Give your website the royal treatment with one of our professional web development kits now!
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right royal

1. Very fine, enjoyable, or excellent. Primarily heard in UK. I can't wait for Friday—we're going to have a right royal night out on the town. It meant a lot to me that my parents put out such a right royal welcome for me when I came home from university.
2. Absolute; utter; extreme. Primarily heard in UK. This course I started last month is a right royal pain in my arse. Well, this is a right royal mess you've found yourself in, eh Bob?
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a battle royal

1. A fight in which more than two participants are involved and the last person to survive is declared the winner. The men were eager to see who would be declared the wrestling champion at the end of the battle royal.
2. A heated argument. Things got pretty heated between the union and the school board at the meeting last night. It was quite the battle royal!
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royal road to (something)

The easiest, most direct, or most effective way to reach or achieve something. The institution is the lone royal road to getting work as a filmmaker in this country, effectively creating a monopoly within the industry that they are free to exploit. If they can win their division, they will be on the royal road to the championship during the playoffs.
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a battle royal

a classic, hard-fought battle or argument. The meeting turned into a battle royal and everyone left angry.
See also: battle, royal

a royal pain

a great annoyance. This guy's a royal pain, but we have to put up with him because he's the boss. the royal treatment very good treatment; very good and thoughtful care of a person. I was well cared for. They gave me the royal treatment. I got the royal treatment when I stayed at that expensive hotel.
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There is no royal road to learning.

Prov. Learning things requires work. Sue: I don't see why we have to do homework every night. Why can't we just listen to the lectures? Nancy: There is no royal road to learning.
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battle royal

a fiercely contested fight or dispute.
1997 Fred Chappell Farewell, I'm Bound to Leave You The boys told no one about the fight…it was a battle royal and went on from two o'clock in the afternoon until sundown.
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royal road to

a way of attaining or reaching something without trouble.
This expression alludes to a remark attributed to the Greek mathematician Euclid ( c .300 bc ). When the Egyptian ruler Ptolemy I asked whether geometry could not be made easier, Euclid is said to have replied: ‘There is no royal road to geometry’.
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royal pain

n. someone or something irritating; a severe annoyance. Her questions were a royal pain, but I had to answer them as part of my job.
See also: pain, royal

the royal road

A way or method that presents no difficulties: the royal road to success.
See also: road, royal
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