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high roller

Someone known for spending or gambling large amounts of money. The back room at the casino was reserved exclusively for high rollers willing to play for big stakes. Jack was known as a real high roller, impressing everyone with his expensive cars, flashy jewelry, and nice clothes.
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roller coaster

A series or period of drastic changes that occur without warning. After she graduated from college, her life became a roller coaster filled with ups and downs as she tried to establish herself as a fashion designer.
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*awkward as a cow on a crutch

 and *awkward as a cow on roller skates
very clumsy or off balance. (*Also: as ~.) When Lulu was overweight, she was awkward as a cow on a crutch. Tom will never be a gymnast. He's as awkward as a cow on roller skates!
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high roller

Fig. a gambler who bets heavily. They welcomed me at the casino because I had the same name as one of their high rollers.
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a high roller

  (American & Australian)
someone who spends a lot of money in a careless way, especially risking money in games He became known as a high roller, and was invited to the biggest gambling tables in town.
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a roller coaster

a situation which changes suddenly and often between being good and being bad
Usage notes: A roller coaster is a type of small railway in an amusement park which travels very quickly climbing up and down hills.
The Norwegian stockmarket has been on a roller coaster during the past 18 months. What the book does describe very well is the emotional roller-coaster of puberty.
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high roller

n. a big gambler who risks much money; anyone who takes risks. (Refers to rolling dice.) Rocko is a high roller and isn’t afraid to lose some money.
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and pill-roller and pill-peddler
n. a nickname for a physician. I went to the infirmary, but the pill-pusher wasn’t in. The lousy pill-roller just gave me some aspirin.




n. a police car. There are rollers in the next block, driving slow, looking for someone.
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Along with this, members of the Milk Rollers will be getting tattooed live, with the money raised going towards the team.
ROLLER derby might make its Hollywood debut in Whip It, but the idea of women barging into each other on roller skates is hardly new.
Without lube, the travel lock rollers will eventually freeze up.
SRBK is used with return rollers supplied from user's on-site inventory, provides universal mounting brackets featuring a versatile roller retaining design that accepts the hex-head, round or square end caps of all commercially available CEMA C or CEMA D return rollers.
The rollers on the TRT rotate at right angles to the direction the belt is traveling.
With this new program, Menges Roller, a Chicago, IL-area fabricator of industrial rollers for the converting, steel and paper industries, aims to inform and educate industry peers on how these thermal rollers, sometimes called "chill rollers" and "heat transfer rollers" work and operate, while also showing how they're made and explaining the unique roles these advanced rollers fill in a converting or processing plant.
while also showing how they're made and explaining the roles the rollers till in a converting or processing plant.
The rollers are easy to transport and best suited for 4- to 20-inch diameter pipe.
The Low Profile Rollers can be ordered from McElroy's worldwide network of distributors and are packaged in a "nested" crate that contains 40 rollers.
Feed rollers on a new edge-trim feeding system from Conair in Pittsburgh have intermeshing grooves that eliminate the need for a dancer roll or electronic speed control to feed a machine-side granulator.
Flat spots form on the rollers and cause extra wear on the vehicle's track.
Generally speaking 9 in rollers put paint on walls more quickly, but a 7 in version may be more suitable if you are working within a small space.
Today, these have, in some cases, become very complex pieces of equipment which allow several sheets to be drawn automatically and simultaneously from pallets, to be checked for metal inclusions, and fed to the extruder over dancer rollers or via loop control systems.