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Traditionally the role of a smuggler belongs to Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford.
Root Role: Root roles are at the top level of role hierarchy, and they are created by combination of middle roles or atom roles.
Role isolation (RI) results when the role occupant experiences lack of interaction/communication with the connected roles.
The findings of this study indicated that inter-role distance and role erosion were found to be dominant contributors of role stress whereas role ambiguity and personal inadequacy were the least dominant contributors of role stress in all the three job categories.
A 2005 Dance Magazine "25 to Watch," she is no longer content to just hone her formidable technique, she's also concentrating on adding luster to her roles.
Until recently, the profession's lack of clarity concerning the role and function of the school counselor has had the effect of marginalizing school counselors (House & Hayes; Johnson, 2000).
While the role and responsibilities vary from company to company, in general, a CAO is responsible for tax, financial planning, corporate accounting and reporting, compliance, accounting policies and procedures, audit preparation, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and monitoring and maintaining internal controls over the financial reporting function.
Most introductions to career development include Super's (1980, 1990) conceptual model of the life rainbow and the longitudinal two-dimensional graphic depicting the nine life roles that are played in four theaters as one progresses through the five developmental stages.
As a faculty member in an Adult and Higher Education Graduate Program in a 4-year institution located in a rural environment, I decided that our program would provide a good arena to explore combining role play and peer assessment.
One of the most common barriers to enacting meaningful roles in the prison setting is the large power imbalance (as per decisions on what father-child interactions will occur) between the father and those who are caring for his children.
Helping behavior as role behavior: Disclosing social structure and history in the analysis of prosocial action.
Gender roles are viewed primarily in terms of their influence on young women's education, work status and potential to become self-sufficient.
Further, using actors or trained confederates in the various scenario roles provides many benefits.
When you play the trouser roles, it's a whole other dimension of empowerment,'' says Genaux, who at 34 makes her debut with the Los Angeles Opera as the lead in ``Orfeo ed Euridice,'' which opened Saturday.
Mertz (2001) found that there is confusion and contradiction when comparing the "roles identified with mentoring and the definitions assigned to those roles.