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no bucks, no Buck Rogers

No money, no space travel. The phrase comes from The Right Stuff, a movie about the beginnings of US space exploration. "Bucks" is a slang term for money, while "Buck Rogers" was a space-traveling comic strip character in the early 20th century. Government funding for the space program has been down in light of recent disasters. It's a sad reality for us astronauts—no bucks, no Buck Rogers.
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roger that

Message received. The phrase originated in radio communications. A: "I'll meet you there at 6 o'clock." B: "Roger that."
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Roger (wilco).

Yes. (From aircraft radio communication. Wilco = "will comply.") John: Can you do this right now? Bob: Roger. Mary: I want you to take this over to the mayor's office. Bill: Roger wilco.


interj. okay; That is correct. Roger, I’ll do it.
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Down 11-10 in the third game, Metzger and Lambert fought to keep the ball in play during a long rally, but Rogers played uncharacteristically tall, blocking two balls to help gain a two-point advantage, and the two would score three of the next four points as well.
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