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ride (one's) luck

To find success through fortune or chance rather than through one's own agency or risk-taking. (Used especially in reference to sporting events.) Primarily heard in UK. Cheltenham has been riding their luck lately, winning their last two games on penalty kicks alone, but they'll need to step up their game if they hope to have a place in the championship.
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ride (someone's) ass

1. To frequently or constantly harass, nag, or upbraid someone to do, accomplish, or complete something. The boss is riding everyone's ass to get the project finished by next week. Quit riding my ass, I'll get it done eventually!
2. To tailgate, i.e. to follow unnecessarily closely behind another vehicle while driving. I wish that trucker wouldn't ride my ass down this hill.
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ride (someone's) back

To frequently or constantly harass, nag, or upbraid someone to do, accomplish, or complete something. The boss is riding everyone's back to get the project finished by next week. Quit riding my back, I'll get it done eventually!
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ride (someone's) butt

To frequently or constantly harass, nag, or upbraid someone to do, accomplish, or complete something. The boss is riding everyone's butt to get the project finished by next week. Quit riding my butt, I'll get it done eventually!
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ride tall in the/(one's) saddle

To be or remain proud, stoical, or august in one's manner or composure. Even after two years of a losing war, the general still rode tall in his saddle before his troops. I'll have nothing to do with your schemes or plot. One day, you're going to be locked up and lose everything, and I'll be riding tall in the saddle when you do.
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ride (on) the coattails of (someone)

To benefit from someone else's success; to use someone else's success as a means to achieve one's own. Everyone knows you've been riding on the coattails of the governor these last two years, but once her term ends, you'll be on your own! Jonathan rode the coattails of his professor to get some recognition for his own work in several esteemed academic journals.
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ride the pine

In sports (especially baseball), to remain sitting on the bench, rather than be an active participant in the game. Primarily heard in US. I'm not going to play next year if coach makes me ride the pine again this season. I rode the pine for the rest of the game after I pulled my hamstring sliding to first base.
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ride (on) the wave (of something)

To enjoy the advantage or benefit of a particularly successful, popular, fortunate, interesting, etc., moment or period of time. Jonathan has been riding the wave of his sister's celebrity ever since she was cast in that blockbuster film series. The popular Internet artist has ridden the wave of support from her fan base to launch an incredibly successful crowd funding campaign for a new project. Ever since I won the lottery, everybody has been really friendly to me, and I've just been riding the wave ever since!
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ride with the punches

1. Literally, in martial arts (especially boxing), to maneuver one's body away from a blow so as to lessen the force of its impact. He's not the most aggressive fighter—instead, he relies on his endurance and skill, riding with the punches to wear down his opponent until the best moment to strike.
2. By extension, to adapt to setbacks, difficulties, or adversity so as to better manage or cope with their impact on one's life. (Note: This phrase is a less common variant of the phrase "roll with the punches," which carries the same literal and figurative meanings.) Losing my job was really tough, but I've just been trying to ride with the punches until I get back on my feet. I learned that my grandfather passed away right before my final exams in college, but I just rode with the punches and did the best that I could.
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ride on a rail

To be punished harshly, often publicly, and perhaps culminating in exile. The phrase originally referred to a punishment in which a wrongdoer was paraded around town on a rail and then exiled. Now that this scandal is public knowledge, I'm afraid that I'm going to ride on a rail before it's all over.
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ride shanks' mare

To walk. "Shanks" refers to one's legs. The store is close enough that we don't need to drive, we can just ride shanks' mare.
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ride (on) a wave of (something)

To enjoy the advantage of or continue to benefit from a situation that is successful, fortunate, trendy, etc. Jonathan has been riding a wave of celebrity ever since he was cast in the leading role for the new blockbuster. The popular Internet artist has ridden a wave of support from her fanbase to launch an incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign for a new project.
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ride roughshod over (someone or something)

To treat someone or something with marked disdain, brutality, or contempt; to act without regard for the wellbeing of something or someone. In her ascent to the top of the political ladder, the senator rode roughshod over anyone who stood in her way. The new management team has ridden roughshod over the projects that we've been planning for months.
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rode hard and put away wet

mod. misused; ill-used. (Alludes to the mistreatment of a horse.) Bad day at the office. I was rode hard and put away wet.
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In Roding et al (2003), patients expressed a lack of information as frustration and the feeling that they were just waiting around with nothing to aim for.
Ivory Silk has proved a frustrating horse to follow but she can reward those who keep the faith in the Roding Maiden Fillies' Stakes.
As a result of the growing success of its automated robotic bread tin storage and high-speed visionguided integrated picking robotics, Robotics specialists RTS Flexible Systems have joined forces with KS Automation to open its first European office in Roding, near Regensburg, as a centre for promoting their unique blend of expertise.
Flood watches have been imposed on the Windrush, Ray and Evelode rivers in Oxon, as well as the Roding and Ingrebourne rivers in Essex and tributaries of the Lower Lee.
The Rt Hon Lord Jenkin of Roding also said it had later been made clear to him that files relating to contaminated blood products had been destroyed as a "conscious decision".
Eastern Counties CA (Aythorpe Roding, Essex) 10-mile TT: 1 Gary Poole (API Metrow) 22mins 56secs, 2 Neil Chapman (Maldon & District CC) 23:10, 3 Murat Ozdenya (PCA-Ciclos Uno) 23:32.
Bill Harris (Hinckley CRC) continued his good start to the time trial season by taking third place in the Elite CC '10' at Aythorpe Roding in Essex, clocking 21-51 behind winner Craig Simpson (Blue Sky Cycles), 21-03.
The stream passing below the bridge, on which she stands, to flow into the lake which connects with the river Roding prompts in her a mythical allusion to the god Alpheus:
Brian Flynn, 56, of Roding Lea, Dilston, Corbridge, pleaded guilty at Newcastle magistrates' court.
Heenan will go to Prenton in confident mood after a season during which they touched the heights of schools football, becoming joint national champions with Roding Valley School(London) following a 1-1 draw at Northampton Town.
The species of pearl oyster in the Caribbean Sea is the Atlantic pearl-oyster, Pinctada imbricata Roding 1798.
Char is popular among northern Scandinavian countries where it is known as roding or blattjen.
Roding, MD, PhD, Department of Pathology, Amory Bldg 3rd Floor, Brigham and Women's Hospital, 75 Francis St, Boston, MA 02115.
Polaroid Corporation (NYSE: PRD) said its Identification Systems business division, the world leading supplier of digital and photographic identification systems, has formed a strategic alliance with Muhlbauer AG of Roding, Germany to develop contact smart card production solutions for use in commercial and government identification programs.
Ronald Cohen, who trades as The Country Shop in Leaden Roding, near Dunmow, Essex, says he owes a lot to the lottery.