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1. n. a police officer. (Derogatory. From cockroach.) A roach caught him while he was at work.
2. n. the butt end of a marijuana cigarette. (Drugs.) The cops found a roach on the bathroom floor.
3. n. an ugly girl or woman. (Derogatory. From cockroach.) Who was that roach you were with last night?

roach clip

and roach pick
n. a device to hold a roach and make it smokable. (Drugs.) When the cops find a roach clip on you, you’ve had it. He held the roach on a paper clip “roach pick.”
See also: clip, roach

roach pick

See also: pick, roach


n. a mobile snack truck. (The term was revived in the Persian Gulf War.) The roach-coach pulled up in front of the dorm every night about eleven.


mod. hungover; exhausted. (Perhaps the notion of being down to the roach sense 2, and therefore, exhausted.) I’m roached. I feel lousy.
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