ride a wave

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ride (on) a/the wave

to become involved with and get advantages from opinions or activities which have become very common or popular (often + of ) She came to power riding on a wave of personal popularity.
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The Ride The Wave programme is entering its fourth year and aiming for further success after recently scooping two National Training Awards.
Conversely, while they ride the wave of a prosperous mining market, they will prepare for the down turn by diversifying the client base and location of the work.
Today, NAFB members ride the wave of technology as we use these resources to grow our knowledge base and share it with our listeners.
Our journey has not been without struggle either, but somehow we have managed to ride the wave of an expanding market of African American books and book buyers.
GL reveals her appeal, shows you how to tell a felon from a fake, and helps you figure out if you should ride the wave of your friend's bravado or wave her good-bye.
When I look at all the economic difficulties the nation endured in 2002, the Long Island office market outperformed the rest of the country and is well positioned to ride the wave of economic recovery whenever it evolves.
Where better to ride the wave than in golden California?
To ride the wave rather than be crushed by it, companies must re-examine their vision, competitive landscape and strategies.
Speaking in the ballroom of a Hong Kong hotel, Mr Clinton said the "present government, headed by this President and this Premier, who are clearly committed to reform, (should) ride the wave of change and take China fully into the 21st Century.
As they ride the wave, the photons increase their frequency substantially and gain a little speed.
The education market must be patient and ride the wave until a sales model is established
When Rodriguez was asked how far Moorpark could ride the wave of momentum the league championship provided, he just smiled and shook his head.
Unified Messaging (UM) solutions are expected to experience increased growth as they ride the wave of the rapidly expanding Unified Communications (UC) market.
Adventity has gained a competitive edge in this industry by becoming one of the leaders to ride the wave of explosive growth in BPO and KPO outsourcing.