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another county heard from

A person (or group of people) who unexpectedly shows up to, gives an opinion on, or contests something. It refers to the counting of ballots on election day, as votes are aggregated by county. Oh great, Mary's here to voice her opinion on the matter, yet another county heard from.
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like Grant took Richmond

Very quickly or determinedly. The phrase refers to the US Civil War, in which Union forces (led by Ulysses S. Grant) brought about the Confederacy's surrender by taking the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia. A: "Wow, that was quick! Did you see any animals out there?" B: "No, but I went through the yard like Grant took Richmond." I barely talked to George at all today because he came through the office like Grant took Richmond.
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another county heard from

An unexpected person has spoken up or arrived on the scene, as in Jane's cousin from California decided to contest the will-another county heard from. This idiom originally alluded to the counting of returns on election night; it appears in that context in Clifford Odets's play, Awake and Sing (1931). However, it may echo the much older phrase, another Richmond in the field, alluding to Henry of Richmond (later Henry VII of England), chronicled in Shakespeare's Richard III (5:4): "I think there be six Richmonds in the field; five have I slain today." Whatever the origin, today it simply refers to an unforeseen participant or attender.
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In George Willard's room, which had a window looking down into an alleyway and one that looked across railroad tracks to Biff Carter's Lunch Room facing the railroad station, Seth Richmond sat in a chair and looked at the floor.
Seth Richmond went slowly along Main Street, past Wacker's Cigar Store and the Town Hall, and into Buckeye Street.
They came to the garden surrounding the old Richmond place and going through a gap in the hedge sat on a wooden bench beneath a bush.
Branch, who participates in the daily activities of Richmond Tax Solutions is always helping the RVA community.
June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- For the 15th year Lexus of Richmond has participated in recognizing one outstanding high school senior scholar-athlete for the Annual Lexus of Richmond Pursuit of Perfection Leadership Award.
But African Americans, otherwise disfranchised by the "for whites only" Democracy in Richmond, wielded electoral strength in Jackson Ward, a predominantly black and Republican stronghold.
Boaz & Ruth is based in Highland Park, an area of Richmond, Virginia, which has a history of crime and urban decay.
After a string of poor finishes, Herta is looking forward to racing at Richmond, site of tonight's Indy Racing League SunTrust Indy Challenge.
Richmond sites accounted for one-third of the list, and one of the Richmond sites, United Heckathorn, remains an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund site.
I had been reading medical management literature for a little while, and in 1993 I received a mailer from the University of California at Irvine announcing a weekend certificate program for health care executives," Richmond recalls.
Selecting just one winner from this talented group of high achievers was no easy task, but in the end, Katherine Selko of Douglas Freeman High School was presented the $20,000 Scholarship in the 14th Annual Lexus of Richmond Pursuit of Perfection Leadership Award.
Track: Richmond International Raceway (tri-oval, 0.
MIG is working with Richmond to craft its new General Plan, which will provide policy and planning guidance for the physical development of the City.
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