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stick to one's ribs

Fig. [for food] to last long and fortify one well; [for food] to sustain one even in the coldest weather. This oatmeal ought to stick to your ribs. You need something hearty on a cold day like this. I don't want just a salad! I want something that will stick to my ribs.
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stick to your ribs

if something that you eat sticks to your ribs, it makes you feel you have eaten a lot That chocolate pudding really sticks to your ribs.
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stick to the ribs

Be substantial or filling, as in It may not be health food but steak really sticks to the ribs. This idiom was first recorded in 1603.
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1. n. a joke; an act of teasing. I didn’t mean any harm. It was just a little rib.
2. tv. to tease someone. Please don’t rib me any more tonight. I’ve had it.


n. a joke; something very funny. That was a real rib-tickler. I’ll remember that joke.

stick to (one's) ribs

To be substantial or filling. Used of food.
See also: rib, stick
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The results of the present experiments replicate most of the findings reported by Ribes and Sanchez (1992).
When the fungus first hit in 1909 and spread outward from New York state, a massive eradication effort including a federal ban on planting ribes, helped stem the destruction.
Cpt Ribes said the Vallee Blanche was a popular route for competent skiers.
Black currants, for instance, are packed with vitamins and antioxidant health benefits, yet this controversial berry - part of the ribes family along with gooseberries - has long been referred to by berry experts as the 'forbidden fruit'," says Greg Quinn, founder of Au Currant Enterprises, a Hudson Valley, New York, company that has been working to bring the black currant back to N.
Contract notice: (Project management Assistance Mission AMO) Project Nature Plateau Meginand and valleys of Charbonnieres, the Ribes and Ratier
Captain Patrice Ribes, a French police officer, said Charlie and Mr Saunders had come to the popular ski resort for a father-son weekend.
Take hardwood cuttings from cornus, salix, ribes, roses, gooseberry and currants.
Visit the Ribes Vikinger museum which tells the story of the town from about 700 AD (admission pounds 5 adults, pounds 2 kids and family ticket pounds 12).
Charoy will report to Jean-Martial Ribes, president of Ketchum's Paris operation.
For south, or west-facing walls: abutilon, camellia, carpenteria, ceanothus, chaenomeles, clematis, cotoneaster, cytisus, garrya, hedera, hydrangea, jasminum, lippia, lonicera, magnolia, passiflora, polygonum, pyracantha, ribes, vitis, wisteria.
Data House products will continue to be available in Italy through existing sales channels including Ribes S.
The 48-year-old man called for help at 2pm local time on Saturday when his son fell down a cliff near Mont Blanc, Captain Patrice Ribes said.
Ideal shrubs are roses, berberis, viburnum, weigela, philadelpus, ribes and pyrancantha.
Patrick Champetier de Ribes, President of the Valentin Hauy Association, confirms in his turn "how the conviviality around the table exemplifies the art of good living for each individual while celebrating the savoir-faire of the blind and sighted cook.
Brive arrive in Reading just seven days after a violence-scarred encounter between the clubs which saw forwards Arnaud Mela and Guillaume Ribes banned.