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Renaissance man

One who possesses skills and knowledge in many different areas. Bob can fix cars, repair computers, and talk about anything from physics to philosophy. He's an all-around Renaissance man.
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a Renaissance man

an intelligent and well-educated man who knows a lot about many different subjects He's a poet, astronomer, musician - an all-round Renaissance man.
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When the Renaissance dawned upon the world, and brought with it the new ideals of the beauty of life and the joy of living, men could not understand Christ.
It will be what the Greeks sought for, but could not, except in Thought, realise completely, because they had slaves, and fed them; it will be what the Renaissance sought for, but could not realise completely except in Art, because they had slaves, and starved them.
But it occurred too often for even my self- complacency, did that exasperating "It is nothing--it is of the Renaissance.
We learned, then, that Renaissance was not a man; that renaissance was a term used to signify what was at best but an imperfect rejuvenation of art.
Of the Greek authors who at the Renaissance brought a new life into the world Plato has had the greatest influence.
Van Schuylight Suffolk-Jones--came out to his waiting motor-car, wrinkling a contumelious nostril, as usual, at the Italian renaissance sculpture of the soap palace's front elevation.
At all events, a very necessary condition in its production was a renaissance in myself of the art of hearing.
The substantial progress reflects the benefits of a balanced approach to school reform and the power of the School Renaissance program.
60 Renaissance Hotels & Resorts in North America Offer Free Parking to Guests Driving Hybrid Cars
The reading of Ovid during the Renaissance was done in the light of new contemporary philosophies (Plato, Ficino).
Scholars have long commented on the importance of the Irish Renaissance of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century as a model for African American artists and intellectuals theorizing what a "New Negro" political and cultural "renaissance" might be during the 1920s.
In a richly detailed essay on the Renaissance representation of Sappho, Michael Pincombe establishes that for most of the sixteenth century Sappho was an exemplar of transgressive hetero-erotic desire.
CHICAGO -- Renaissance Mark -- a premier manufacturer of Pressure Sensitive and Glue-Applied Labels, announces today that they will implement Radius Solutions PECAS Vision ERP application in five plant locations.
All of the books examined thus far suggest the complexity of Catholicism during the Renaissance.
Lincoln is celebrating the spirit of the Harlem Renaissance in a new commercial featuring its first entry-level luxury sedan, the 2006 Zephyr.