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rebound relationship

A romantic relationship that one begins, often as a means of distraction, while still recovering from the end of a different relationship. Oh, Peggy doesn't really love that guy—she's just in a rebound relationship so that she doesn't feel so heartbroken about Pat leaving her.

love-hate relationship

Fig. a relationship of any kind that involves both devotion and hatred. Tommy has a love-hate relationship with his teacher. Mostly, though, it's hate lately.
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Relationships with sex-only partners were described as "one-night stands" and "just-friend" relationships.
Other factors included in determining these partners were their support to major aviation weapon systems, how they were organized nationally and internationally, and their willingness and ability to develop strategic relationships across their various divisions.
Bertolucci says most of his male clients who get into polyamorous relationships do so because their needs are not being met either through being half of a couple or living as a single man.
Individual efforts to construct and maintain personal relationships comprise the bulk of our social lives--at work, at home, in the community.
All contribute to the solid foundation of effective, enduring relationships that help provide the influence, interoperability, and access necessary for our expeditionary Air Force.
It gives one the option of having relationships outside of social norms.
Lack of power in sexual relationships has been hypothesized to increase women's risk of HIV infection (3,4,19,28,29), but little research has shed rigorous light on this question.
Yes, by affirming the integrity and sanctity of committed adult, same-sex relationships General Synod acknowledges that these relationships, like many others, have the potential to reflect God's will (sanctification).
DeLuccie recommended looking at the history of mothers' relationships with their own fathers to understand their decisions about father involvement.
According to Levitt (1986) relationships between customers and salespeople often intensify after a sale has been made.
Relationships in employment settings are complex and have potential to hinder or harm options for assistance at work.
For example, several studies have suggested that women may be more likely than are men to develop mentoring relationships with their supervisors because of restricted access to higher ranking mentors in other departments (Ragins, 1989,1999; Ragins & Cotton, 1991).
The reminder of relationships is triadic: Christ, Spirit, God.
The issue of resident relationships, however, is a more complicated issue than residents' masturbating in their rooms during their own private time.
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