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in the region of (some amount)

Approximately some amount; close to some amount. We're going to have to spend in the region of $20,000 for this renovation. Businesses can expect to earn in the region of 10% on their initial investment after a year.
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(somewhere) in the neighborhood of something

Fig. approximately a particular amount or measurement. I take somewhere in the neighborhood of ten pills a day for my various ailments. My rent is in the neighborhood of $700 per month.
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in the neighborhood of

Also, in the region of. Approximately, about, as in They paid in the neighborhood of a million dollars, or I don't know exactly what the exchange rate is-somewhere in the region of 95 yen to the dollar . The first expression dates from the mid-1800s, the variant from the mid-1900s.
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in the region of

approximately: He earns somewhere in the region of €50 000.
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According to the points table, Karachi Region (B) leads Group A with 37 points followed by Peshawar Region (28), Rawalpindi Region (13), Fata Region (9), Hyderabad Region (3) and AJK Region (1).
With this announcement, the total number of housing units under construction and those given to contractors recently for construction comes to 15,891, in addition to the recently signed contracts for 894 residential units in King Abdullah Suburb, Jizan City, and for 340 residential units in Onaizah, Al Qassiem Region.
Census regions used in previous MMWR reports (6); the findings can be used to determine the optimal timing of RSV prophylaxis for infants and children at high risk in each region.
And the strong ill political winds that are now blowing through the region would seem to place even that already mediocre economic performance at serious risk.
Many automotive suppliers that pursue a global business design eventually find themselves facing a fundamental business design choice: do I organize the company around regions, or do I organize it around global product groups?
Region III hosted their Leader Workshop on Thursday, June 22 in Northfield, MN just prior to the North Central Golf Outing.
The journey begins in the lower left quadrant of our x-y chart above: the Region of the Simplistic.
17% of girls in rural regions and 15% of girls in northern regions rated their health as "excellent," compared with 33% of girls in major metro regions;
Three brain regions are activated when you read--all within the left hemisphere of your cerebrum, the largest area of your brain, also known as your "gray matter.
The mean ages for patients in the non-disease-endemic and HVL-endemic regions were 36 and 30 years, respectively (range <1 to >75).
The CNP generates quarterly estimates of the illicit coca crop by flying over coca growing regions on at least a quarterly basis to search for new growth and to generate an estimate of the illicit coca crop.
The team showed that the differing proportions of 15 chemical elements, such as aluminum and calcium, can correctly distinguish wines from particular regions with 70-100 percent accuracy.
The first is to provide an introduction to the anthropology of the Middle East and Central Asia, the second to indicate how the study of these regions contributes to the main currents in anthropology.
Booth concluded his opening remarks by thanking TEI for the excellent support and cooperation the chapters, regions, and national organization had given to the Mid-States Region.
One such change occurred in 1948 when regions became the first sub-organizational units of the Association.